Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Christmas friends...

I have been busy wrapping my presents and trying to be a little creative with my present wrapping this year. I have had so much fun with my Kikki K Alphabet stamping kit and am pretty happy with the results.

I am going to sign off from my little blog now until the New Year - I will put little updates and pics on my facebook page. Thankyou to everyone who has supported my little blog this year - I have had so much fun and can't wait to post more stories and pics in the New Year.
Enjoy a restful and above all, fun Christmas with your family and friends. See you in the New Year!

Friday, December 21, 2012

NYC Christmas...

I am SO excited about Christmas Day, present giving and spending time with the people I love.
But I must confess, in the dreadful heat we have been experiencing here in Brisbane this week, it has got me imagining what it must be like to be cold at Christmas. Imagine being so cold on Christmas Day that your teeth chattered and you had to wear layers of clothing to keep warm? Imagine having a Christmas where you didn't have to cover food in fear of the flies getting to it or dread turning on the oven in fear of making your little house hotter than it already was! No, I wouldn't have it any other way but humour me with my little dream nonetheless.
One of my family's dreams is to one day all celebrate Christmas in New York City. We have it all planned out - in our imaginations of course. We would watch people ice skate at the Rockefeller Centre, shop at Bloomingdale's and maybe window shop at Saks. We would check out the Christmas window display at Macy's and so much more. Maybe we would be there early enough to attend the Christmas parade? I am not sure where we would have Christmas dinner. Any suggestions? Either way in my imagination it would be somewhere very beautiful, with an open fire.

Click on the photos for links to Pinterest ...

Pinned Image

We would walk in Central Park Christmas Eve ....

Pinned Image

Admire the Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree ...

Pinned Image

Off the topic, but isn't this print of the Rockefeller Centre gorgeous?

Pinned Image

For Christmas Dinner I could wear something like this?

Pinned Image

Or maybe this little skirt? Of course in my imagination I have ridiculously skinny legs and a fabulous collection of high heel shoes...but of course!

Pinned Image

But if I was going to go completely overboard and because this is my little dream I am allowed, I would probably wear something just like this .... SJP style ....
Yes, a girl can imagine. In the meantime, I am so excited about being hot and sweaty Christmas Day : ) - thank goodness the oldies have aircon! I will wear a sundress, eat cold meats, seafood and salad, drink chilled wine, play trivia games and spend time with the people I love. I will also have a huge piece of Christmas pudding and watch my little boy open his Christmas presents  - it doesn't get much better than that:)
What are your plans for Christmas Day beautiful friends?

Friday, December 14, 2012

News from the hood.....

This week I have taken a few pics from around the house. The Christmas decorations are up - nothing over the top, but festive none the less. Yes, there are fairy lights strategically placed around our little home and I am pleased to report that the little man has managed to keep his chubby little paws off the tree - no mean feat when you are 20 months old. My beautiful Mondocherry birdies arrived in the mail today too. I am beginning to feel truly festive - even more so knowing that we will all be on holidays in the next week!

As I have been driving around our neighbourhood, I have been tickled pink to see many houses decorated with lights and other Christmas paraphernalia. It is so great to see the Christmas spirit alive and well in our local area BUT (you sensed a but didn't you ;) I will pose this question to you lovely readers. Is it possible to overdo fairy lights and almost become 'Griswald-esque' in our attempts to be festive? I am fairly confident that our neighbours decorating efforts would be seen from one of the Russian satellites (this is not a good thing) as they have chosen to decorate their home with flashing blue and red lights. Such is the intensity of these flashing lights that we have had to draw our blinds at night to stop our room lighting up like well, a Christmas tree! I was going to say the red light district but felt that was leaving me open to scrutiny :) As you can imagine this has provided us with a good laugh....

Did I mention that I have aged a year since I last wrote a post? Yes, hold your breath, I am now 36 - shock horror! I had the best birthday, indulging in a little bit of me time and spending time with my family. So, what's news from your neck of the woods? Feeling festive? Baking treats? As I write this post I am on a sugar high from eating too much rocky road :) .....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gifting (for me) ...

Is it wrong that I put so much thought into what gifts I would like to receive for Christmas?
Don't get me wrong, I get way more enjoyment buying the perfect gift for loved ones and seeing their reaction when I have chosen the perfect gift, but I must confess, only to you dear readers, I do love hinting and helping my husband in the direction of the perfect gift - for me!
Here I some of the gifts I will be hinting for this festive season :)
Pinned Image

Kate Badge certainly knows how to put together the perfect necklace. Her beautiful pieces of jewellery featured in Fete magazine this week...divine! 
Pinned Image

Of course when in doubt, the perfect bottle of Jo Malone never goes astray. Did I tell you that I  accidentally dropped a bottle of this a couple of months ago? It was 3/4 full - I cried. This was NOT a good day...
Things I LoveWhole Larder Love: Grow Gather Hunt Cook
Needless to say, I also have quite an extensive list of books that I would love too. Here are a few just to get me started...(I copied both these covers from fishpond...)
Which reminds me, remember how I mentioned that I was going to do a book review every month? Apparently I lied. I have just learnt to accept that when I lie down I fall asleep, which as you can imagine makes reading ever so difficult. I should probably stress that I don't have to necessarily lie down on a bed, I might lie on the floor, on a patch of grass, you name it - I can sleep anywhere!
Next year I will learn not to make any false promises on this blog. Remember my wicker chair? Still waiting to finish that project too. Oh yeah, haven't finished painting the bedroom yet either - maybe by Christmas? :)
So don't leave me hanging here friends, what is on your gift/hint list this year? What are some of the great present ideas you have come up with for your loved ones?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Our favourite books ....

The little man loves his books; I have mentioned this in many posts.
We have decided for Christmas that we will focus most of his gifts around his love of books. This then got me thinking recently about the many and varied books that we adored growing up.  I distinctly remember loving Dick Bruna books, 'Miffy' and 'Tilly and Tess' both made lasting impressions, as did 'Mr Archimedes' bath by Pamela Allen. Mum has kept many of these books which are now read to the grandchildren when they visit. The Avocado baby' by John Burningham and 'The Friend' by Bob Graham were also firm family favourites.
Avocado Baby (Red Fox picture books)

There is a long list of favourite bedtime stories in our household at the moment. Many of them, for example 'Dear Zoo,' have been read to ad nauseam (I am joking but you surely get what I mean!) and anything to do with 'Spot' is also a huge hit. There are a few books that are my personal favourites that I sneak into our pile where possible. This is usually because of their illustrations (seriously, how cool are the illustrations in Maisy books? - she is the coolest mouse ever!) or funny little story lines. The collection of books about the 'Little Wombat' by Charles Fuge are adorable and 'The Pigs Knickers'
by Jonathon Emmett and Vanessa Cabban (a gift from the bestie) is hilarious!
Where to, Little Wombat? [Board book]
The Pig's Knickers
What are some of the books you loved to read as a little one? What are some of the books that you read to your little ones now? I would love to know some of your favourites so I can start compiling a beautiful collection of books for our family to enjoy in the years to come.
PS. I also got thinking about the books I loved growing up. Did any of you love Trixie Belden and Judy Blume books too?
PPS. Sorry about the lay out of this blog. I did initially have loads of pictures of our favourite book covers but it would seem that the formatting, my computer and this ridiculous heat we are experiencing in Brisbane today, are not a good match. Seriously it is not even Summer, well not until tomorrow anyway :)  x


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas inspiration and wreaths ....

Today I am choosing to be a bit controversial. For those of you that know me well, you will be aware of my home decorating magazine obsession. I lust after magazines and beautifully decorated homes and have been so excited, possibly in a Kate, you need to 'get a life' kind of way, about receiving the December 2012 editions of all my favourite publications. But peeps, and this is where I might offend you, I have been left feeling a bit well, blah. Almost uninspired. I have been so looking forward to obsessing over perfectly decorated festive Australian homes but have found that a few of my favourite magazines ( I have chosen not to mention the offending publications) have been a bit well, 'too cool' and almost 'too chic' this festive season. In my opinion, which in the world of decorating I am well aware counts for nothing; Christmas is not a time for minimalist chic but a time for decorating, lights and most of all tradition. For the record, Country Style's Christmas Collectors edition revitalised my faith in Australian homes and Christmas decorating and Australian House and Garden, my heart just melted. As much as I love Australian House and Garden I rarely purchase it because well, it is depressing looking at homes and decorating ideas that are beyond our capabilities and budget, but my goodness they have put together 'a cracker' of a December 2012 edition :) - go purchase it right now!

Anyways so you may ask, where do I stand currently on Christmas preparations? Before I write any further you should know that I have it all planned in my head, that and thousands of other ideas, projects and things to do and read. Now you may quiz me ... :)

Have I purchased any gifts for family and friends? - No.

Have I started baking? - Nada... but I have thought about some scrumptious little things I am going to make as the perfect 'homemade Christmas' eating treat.....

Have I put up decorations? - Nope but I have decided on a fantastic colour scheme (blue and silver) and have purchased some great battery operated Christmas lights to put up for the little man to enjoy. Like his mum, Dominic goes crazy about a good fairly light display :) 

Do we have a tree? - Well no but I have something equally as beautiful and toddler proof! Photos will be provided in the upcoming weeks...

Are you beginning to feel excited about Christmas? - Yes, I am! It has only happened this week though. In fact, I am beginning to feel a little frazzled.....

Are you going to put a wreath on your front door?
And this readers is my current Christmas decorating dilemma. To me a beautiful Christmas wreath is the ultimate in Christmas chic, that and the most perfectly wrapped gift. I did find a very sweet wreath online but I am toying with the idea of making one. Surely that would be more meaningful?
I have also thought about getting some twinkly lights and a wreath from Big W and revamping this myself - I like to call this being crafty :) Anyway for some crafty, perfectly 'Christmas-eee' wreath ideas, I of course have turned to my friends at pinterest. They have not failed to disappoint - they never do. Over the next few weeks I will do a Christmas theme post each week so watch out!

Pinned Image

Loving the felt balls.....

Pinned Image

Sweet Paul says that this wreath is easily made? ...Hmmmmmm. It certainly is beautiful.

Pinned Image

I am not sure what I love more, this front door or this beautifully rustic wreath?

Pinned Image

Pink = perfect ....

Pinned Image

This picture is so off the topic but how perfect are these little cookies?

So, are you making anything this Christmas? Have you got a wreath on your front door?
If you do, send me a pic of it at I would love to see it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

feeling homely.....

Usually before I do a night shift, I feel this desperate need to make sure that the house is as clean and tidy as possible and that I have done some baking so I don't have to worry about food prep the day after - not worry about anything except staying awake to look after the little man of course! You really do appreciate a clean, tidy home when you are tired. It is kind of like having fresh sheets on your bed when you are feeling a little under the, so comforting. 
Recently the most beautiful florist has opened its doors near our home.
The little man and I made a mad dash to the florist this morning to buy me a bunch of flowers.
Who says that you need to spend a lot of money on furniture and art to make your home feel 'homely'? A gorgeous bunch of flowers, at least in my opinion, will do that on their own :)
Please note that when I say 'clean and tidy' I am not accounting for the piles of Mega Bloks, Spot books and toy cars that despite my best efforts, seem to by osmosis always end up back on the floor or in random places like the bottom of the bin, pantry or fridge!
You didn't honestly think I was going to include the floor of our living room in this lovely photo?
Sorry to disappoint peeps :) only pretty pics get included in this blog....
Hope your week is treating you well x

Friday, November 9, 2012

Jelly ballet flats

Pinned Image
A quick end of the week post lovely readers. No you are not dreaming - these are quite possibly the cutest jelly ballet flats ever! My mother had purchased a pair of these shoes from Birds Nest c/o my sister for $29.95 and I had simply had to share them with you. Are they not gorgeous? I purchased a fab neon pink pair this afternoon. A definite purchase for your summer wardrobe. Get in quick - they won't last!
Have a great weekend - relax ....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

News from the patch ...

What's happening lovely readers? I worked all weekend while my husband and the little man had some quality time together, doing boys stuff and riding the little man's 'bikey' (his new word).
I have been meaning to do a post on my raised garden bed for some time. I was wanting to post magnificent photos of a flourishing veggie patch like you would see in a magazine, but this is the real world people - lots of trial and error. Most mornings after breakfast, the little man and I venture out to the patch to investigate what has happened over night. Yes, although my little patch is on the smallest of scales, I am just a little bit obsessed :) Things with the patch however, have been a little slow. Once again I have been reminded of the importance of preparing soil adequately before planting.
The cucumbers and snow peas are growing at a great rate, as are the tomato trees. I have learnt the hard way with my tomatoes. Although I do have pretty good success in growing them, they are practically full proof after all, they can become a bit like a toddler - grow too quickly and without regular input and love and care, become totally unruly ... :) My baby beets and little carrots are also coming along with some gentle coaxing, but despite my best efforts and pesticides (unfortunately I did have to resort to the hard stuff) my baby spinach is still getting attacked by critters - so frustrating! My lettuces however are delicious and my herbs, well it would appear that herbs are my specialty. 

All photos taken by me with instagram...
I will post another couple of pics in a month or so with further progress. I hope all this garden talk doesn't bore you. A girl has to have a hobby people and our backyard is fast becoming mine. I could be a shopaholic but instead I love nurturing my patch and spending our money at Bunnings :) Speaking of which, I highly recommend visiting Bunnings during the week. I am not sure whether it is because there are no crowds or the fact that my husband is at work, but I highly recommend it. The little man and I love hanging in the garden section looking for bees and insects, taking our time and imagining all the beautiful things that we could grow.


Pinterest day dreaming...

There are some great photos circulating on pinterest at the moment. Here are a few which may tempt you into logging into your account. What, did you just say that you don't have one? Shame on you. Shame.... :)

Pinned Image

Both pictures of these kitchens are fairly self explanatory .... they are divine.

Pinned Image

Bathrooms.... don't talk to me about bathrooms. Let's just say that we have a bathroom full of asbestos and a terrazo floor. We may have under estimated the work and cost involved in renovating this space. We are now saving and going to try again for next year. All things come to those who wait - right?? (please...just agree with me).

Pinned Image

Seriously love the Bally poster in this bathroom..

Pinned Image

I did love my wedding dress but boy, if this beauty had been around 2.5 years ago, I think I would have had to have had this ...

Pinned Image

I am not sure what I love more about this pic.... the fuschia dress or the models eyebrows?
Both are equally as fabulous.

Pinned Image

Once again I find myself obsessing over hair. Loving this up style..

Pinned Image

And finally Christmas.... it is getting closer peeps :)

Pinned Image

Hope you feel as inspired by these pics as I do ...

Have a good week!

As usual... click on the photos for the pinterest links ...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

My dream job ....

I absolutely love The Design Files blog. I get so excited when I receive blog updates from them in my email each day and today was no exception. These pics were copied from The Design Files this morning and are of Melanie Stapleton's beautiful florist shop Cecilia Fox in Brunswick, Melbourne.
It has come to my attention that she also has the most divine blog which is bound to be added to your weekly blog reading list ....

I love my job, I really do. I honestly believe I work with the most brilliant bunch of women. I feel so lucky (mostly) to have the kind of job where I can care for families and look after parents as they manage the many and varied challenges of parenthood but my goodness, I would LOVE to be a florist. The hours I am sure are horrendous and there is no doubt that you would work incredibly hard, but imagine being surrounded by flowers like these in the most beautiful little shop all day, every day. It would have to be a happy place to work for sure .....
There is no doubt from these gorgeous pictures that Melanie is one clever chick. I am thinking that Cecilia Fox is a must check next time I am in Melbourne - sigh .....

What is your dream job or are you already working in it?


all images copied from The Design Files

Sunday, October 28, 2012

To do lists ...

It has been one of those weeks’ friends. Each day I have been meaning to do a post for my little blog, but I just haven't quite managed to get there. I hate the feeling of leaving things 'unstarted' (is that a word?) or unfinished for that matter. It is a bit sad how each week becomes a measure of how many things I have knocked off my 'to do' list, but such is life when you are just a little obsessive compulsive. Even pre-motherhood I was an obsessive list writer. I sometimes wish I was just a little bit more chilled out and didn't measure the success of my week by how many jobs I have managed to knock off my 'to do list', but that friends is another story. This week I have started reading Sarah Naphtali’s second book 'Buddhism for mothers with young children'.
I will write a review about this book in the next couple of weeks. This is another great book written by Sarah. I am a big fan of her work and find her outlook on life and parenting so refreshing and grounding.
Anyway, here are some of the fun things that I have managed to knock off my 'to do list' this week:
(1) It has come to my attention that although the little man is nearly 19 months old, regrettably I have still been getting around in maternity gear. What have I been thinking? So, this week I have had a well-deserved spend up in Country Road. I LOVE their colours for this season and I am thrilled with my purchases. Here are a couple of the items that have been added to my spring/summer wardrobe... 
Pinned ImagePinned Image

Pinned ImagePinned Image

All of these images are from the Country Road website .... 

(2) I also made this Tabbouleh care of my new favourite foodie blog 'Phoodie'. I haven't cooked Quinoa before and it was positively delicious!

This image is from the Phoodie blog... 
Phoodie is a fantastic blog detailing the most delicious and simple recipes - completely inspiring!Phoodie is also a feature food writer on Mamamia.
(3) I also had a scrumptious breakfast with my bestie yesterday morning. It is funny how only 2 hours of laughing and eating can make you feel completely refuelled and ready for the day ahead.
We went to 'Anouk' in Paddington, a great little cafe which makes the yummiest of coffee's. It helps when you can do a little window shopping afterwards too :)
I highly recommend the Croissant French Toast with Rhubarb and Raspberry Coolie ...divine...

(4) I also started reading this book...

I have written about Katie before and remain a huge fan of her work. Her photography is out of this world and her recipes are so delicious and homely. I am thinking that this cookbook could make a perfect Christmas present for that special someone. If you haven't already, you should also check out  Katie's blogspot ...
What exciting jobs have you knocked off your 'to do list' this week?
I have also nearly finished painting our bedroom. It has only taken me the best part of 5 months - yay for me!

Hope you are all having the loveliest of weekends,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

thinking about christmas ...

This year, with the little man far more active and keen to explore/destroy his environment, I am thinking about ways I will be able to decorate our little home for Christmas.
I love the tree below (both Christmas images below sourced from pinterest).
A couple of year’s back, I did purchase a beautiful white tree from a shop local to me called Abode - complete with little twinkling lights at the end of the branches. This year I am thinking that I will decorate my tree in a similar theme to the one below....
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Click on images for pinterest links..
 How gorgeous is this hallway? Understated Christmas decorating ... I love it :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today ..

Long-time no speak lovely readers.
I was all ready to do a post on a book I have recently read, but after a weekend of snot, coughing and endless whinging in our little household, I should probably add that the whinging came from those of us young and old; I simply do not have the energy.
Today although I am feeling better, I have decided to keep this post strictly superficial and fill it with lovely photos from pinterest. I also thought I would plagiarise a decorating idea that mum has incorporated into her ‘spring decorating’ theme. My mum loves nothing more than a good decorating opportunity. She purchased these gorgeous origami birds locally and placed them on some tree branches. I thought that this was a particularly clever and economical way of introducing some spring loveliness (yes, this is a word!) into your home. The quality of these pics isn't great even with instagram (sorry mum!) but you get the idea. Sweet don't you think?
Now onto pinterest. Just a reminder, I am practically on pinterest daily so don't forget to check out my boards. I am also on facebook, although I am not so technologically advanced that I have set up a link from my blog yet - sorry. What do you think of my pinterest pic selection for this week?
I may have out done myself 'me thinks'...:)
Pinned Image
Ok .. I am thinking I would be far more domestic if I wore an apron? What do you think? :)
Pinned Image
I am also thinking that this skirt could not only be slimming but should be a definite purchase for my summer wardrobe. Loving the bow on the waist ... 
Pinned Image
Kind of liking the idea of serving things on little trays ... so cute!
Pinned Image
Potential Christmas present no?
Pinned Image
Loving this bedroom idea for the little man ...One can never have enough chalk boards in their lives..
Pinned Image
This bean bag will also be purchased for the little man for Christmas  - very cool ...
We also have the same moose head in our living room :)
Pinned Image
And cause I am obsessed with teepee's this pic had to be included . Seriously a teepee with fairy lights - it's decorating genius :)
Pinned Image
And finally Parisian Christmas (in my books Christmas should always have a capital 'C')  baubles .... tres' chic ....
Pinned Image
Wait one more pic, just because I can. How heavenly is this dress?
Have a good evening friends x