Friday, March 30, 2012

Food glorious food......

I absolutely love food. My real weakness however, is desserts and pastries. We are going to my parents house tomorrow night for a scrumptious dinner and I am already wondering what will be on the dessert menu - sad but true.

Here is an embarrassing fact. On my first date with my now husband, I caught him smiling at me from across the table (that's not the embarrassing bit). When I asked him what he was grinning at he replied: 'Nothing. Gee, you can put it away can't you!'. I probably should have kneed him in the 'goolies' and stormed out of the restaurant there and then, but instead I laughed - what a compliment! Brutally honest, that's my husband. Truth be told, our love of food is one of the many things my husband and I have in common.

Here are two of my favourite food blogs that make me smile and my tummy grumble.
There are some seriously clever people out there. Katie (What Katie ate) and Steph (Raspberri cupcakes - not a spelling error as she explains) constantly blow my mind. Imagine being this creative!
Maybe I should start doing a weekly baking post? Baking for research. Now there is a clever concept. Katie and Steph just may be on to something.....

Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks again for reading my little blog. I am having so much fun.

Kate x


  1. Well...I really don't need an excuse to eat, however I like your idea for a weekly food post, and the accompanying tasting sessions that would be required! I love the haircut post below as well. If I didn't have naturally curly / unruly hair, that cut would have been mine in a heartbeat! ....k

  2. Those are two gorgeous blogs - those cakes look sooo good, especially since I am doing this reidiculous elimination diet.
    I love your (now) husband's comment - too much pretending on a first date is a bad thing I reckon...much better to know what you have got yourself in for!
    Clare x