Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garden ideas and a veggie patch

Since moving into our little home, my husband and I have talked endlessly about what we plan to do with our garden.
We are fortunate to have a big backyard but with that, comes 'big' plans. We are 'imaginers' not so much 'doers'.
But this year we are determined to bring our plans to life!
More recently however, I have embarked on a few small projects.
It is no secret that when I first became a mother, I was just a tad anxious - just a tad :)
My husband bless him, came up with the idea that I should use my anxiety for good, not worry about things that I couldn't change for example, how long our baby slept.
With that idea came our first veggie patch. Each day after putting our baby to bed, I would immediately go out to tend lovingly to my veggie patch allowing myself to 'breathe'. As you can see the patch was well 'tended to' - not too bad an effort for my first attempt at a patch!

From this .......

Came this........

With all the rain we have had here in Brisbane over the last couple of months, the veggie patch although initially providing us with many delicious delights, was eaten by caterpillars and grasshoppers. I have now embarked on a 'veggie patch make over'. Will take some photos for you all but not today. Shock horror, it is still raining. I am also going to grow some freesia bulbs as a pre-spring experiment. Over the next couple of months I will provide you with a visual update, as we have other projects that will come to life in that time too.
In the mean time, I will be inspired by my fellow blogger's for further gardening ideas.

More recently I have been introduced to the concept of terrariums. What do you think? I may have found me another little project!

More posts to follow this week. Have been slack due to work and mothering commitments.
Bare with me :)

Kate x

P.S. I am seriously loving this tumblr

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  1. I love your post!!! So many fabulous ideas!!! I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm in love with those little projects!