Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hair do's......

Lets talk hair. For my wedding I grew my hair long. It was thick and blonde and on the day, looked exactly the way I wanted it.
Some 3 months later when I was nearly 12 weeks pregnant, I chopped it all off. As I saw it all falling onto the floor in my haze of hormones (I blame hormones on most of the bad decisions I have made in my life!), I knew I had done the wrong thing.
Since becoming a mother and having very little time to have my hair done, my hair once again is long.
I am loving wearing it in buns and ponytails and not having to straighten it. I have only just discovered Moroccan oil. That stuff is seriously amazing!
However, while I was on pinterest today, I came across these very cool pics. If my hair could be guaranteed to look like this, between you and I, I would chop it all off again in a nano-second.

In the meantime, these styles for longer hair will continue to inspire me - so parisian. I wonder what the girls at work would say if I turned up to shift with one of these very sophisticated her do's?


  1. I'm intrigued! What is this Moroccan oil? My hair is a disaster at present, any tricks gratiously welcomed! Ps. I LOVE all these hairstyles, have recently been pondering the "should I grow my hair again" question. Food for thought....

  2. As a short haired person I think the first one is cute, but hair would fall into your eyes way too often for that exact style. Definitely would like to hear about Moroccan oil.