Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kitchens ...

Oh, how I love a good kitchen.
I could include all kinds of grand "Hamptons-esque" kitchens on this blog, but I thought I would keep photos on my blog achievable. Am I loosing my mind? Blogs are all about dreaming. Bring on the Hamptons that's what I say!
Here is a photo of my kitchen - yep, I crack myself up too :)
Seriously, white kitchens look great. Give me white railway tiles in a kitchen any day.

I am however, all about colour. This shot is very simple but very me. Even the floor tiles look fantastic!

One day I will definitely have my kitchen with pendant lights and an Aga oven. Hey come on, a girl can dream! via Pinterest

While we are on a roll, butlers sinks are kind of cool too.

I consider however, this photo the ultimate in kitchens. This kitchen belongs to actor Hank Azaria. I saw this photo on My First Little Place Blog and just loved it...

But in the end, I always come back to white kitchens and simplicity. What are your opinions on open shelving? I have been threatening to take the doors off our kitchen cupboards for months. Other people, namely my husband, are less than enthusiastic at this suggestion.

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