Monday, March 26, 2012

To the cake that should have been ......

We had the in-laws over for dinner on Saturday night. I am not much of a cook, I leave that to my husband, but over the years my baking has improved considerably.
Let's be clear. I don't do healthy cakes. I am more into chocolatey, self indulgent baking. I only bake cakes that make me want to sneak out of bed Nigella style at 2am for a big mouthful :)
A couple of weeks ago I had one of those days where everything just happened seamlessly. Our baby had big long sleeps, the house was spotless and I was able to casually make my husband the most delicious (his words and mine!) chocolate mousse cake for his birthday. I had got the recipe from Bill Granger's cookbook 'Bill's Basics'. Truly delicious.
But like restaurants, sometimes recipes should not be attempted twice.
At my husbands request, I was all ready to make the cake again for our family dinner on Saturday night. What a monumental disaster. As a tipped the cake out of the tin, it literally deflated like a balloon. I have know idea what I did wrong. I ended up buying a pack of chocolate drumsticks as a mediocre compromise, as my day fairly much deteriorated from there :)
So today for my Monday post, let's pay tribute to the cakes that should have been. The cakes that should have been yummy and brought a smile to our dinner guests, but regrettably ended up in the bottom of the bin.
The photos below are one of Donna Hay's chocolatey creations. A dear friend of mine made me a cake just like this for my baby shower. It was absolute heaven.

When was your last cooking disaster?


  1. Oh Kate that does suck. At least the good one turned out for your hubby's birthday - otherwise you would have been truly shattered. I think try again and maybe you will have luck again.

    1. Thanks Karen ..... Will definitely try again!