Monday, March 12, 2012

To start a blog?

I am taking a risk. I have wanted to start my own blog for a long time but was unsure if I should.
Who would read it after all? More importantly, who would care? I have decided that this doesn't matter. I love being a wife and a mother, but I have realised now more than ever, I need something creative in my life that is all mine. Maybe a blog is just the answer? Who knows.
Either way as you can tell from my blog title (how do you decide on a name for a blog anyway?) and design of my blog thus far, we are starting basic folks. Will have to put an SOS out to my brother for some 'technological assistance'.
Firstly my blog name.. - 'A Little Home' cause I love mine with my boys and 'Freesias' cause well, they are beautiful and were one of the flower's we used on our wedding day. A little home definitely needs flower's after all!
So my first post, where should I start........
I have two words for you, Holly Becker. Holly is the brains behind the blog decor8.
Each day I wait in anticipation for my email to announce a recent blog posting from Holly.
Her work is positively amazing and truly inspirational. Holly recently conducted a workshop in NYC called Blogging Your Way. Oh to be so lucky to have attended that!
One of the workshop participants, Audrey Smit, took this photo...........

I have so many blogs that I look at most days and so many beautiful pics I want to share with you, but this picture sums up exactly the way I feel about style - simple props, beautiful flower's with just the right amount of light. This is styling perfection.
Who says you need a lot of money to create beauty in your home ..... not me.
Stay tuned for more posts. I have so many pics, ideas etc that I can't wait to show you.

Kate x

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  1. Kate! Congrats on starting your blog, you'll love it I promise. xxx