Friday, April 27, 2012

Beautiful artwork by Caitlin McGauley

I first noticed Caitlin McGauley's artwork in one of my favourite online magazines, Lonny. Have you checked it out? It is a must. Caitlin's work is positively beautiful. Her pieces would look perfect in my 'perfectly imperfect' home. The fact that she lives in NYC only furthers my envy of her - talented and she lives in one of the most fabulous city in the world! Here are some prints of her favourite places in NYC ......

For more of Caitlin's masterpieces check out her blog. Lucky for us she also has an online shop - squeak!


  1. oh, they are beautiful aren't they. Indeed, I'd be happy to have them in my home! Lovely blog you have here x

    1. Jodi,
      I am a big fan of your blog and beautiful photos of your children :)
      Thanks for stopping by my little blog - you have made my day x

  2. I am SO obsessed with her watercolors!! Would love to own one!

  3. omg those are amazing :)
    I love them!