Friday, April 20, 2012

I am back .... (again)...

I have missed sitting down and writing this blog.
There just isn't enough hours in the day at the moment. Sickness continues to plague my little family. Any tips on surviving the never ending germs at childcare?
No, not attending childcare is unfortunately not an option. Such are the woes of the modern day family.

Let me provide you with an update on the comings and goings of the past week or so.
The little man's first birthday has come and gone.
Despite the chaos, I did manage to make him a cake - a cake that he took one bite of and promptly threw on the floor.
You have to laugh. Not too bad an effort for my first birthday cake! We had a lovely day celebrating with my family. One year has absolutely flown by. It seems as though our little man has been with us forever!

During the week my husband and his mate Alex, (Alex has a landscaping business here in Brisbane called Envy Landscapes) have been doing some great work on the backyard too.
Really exciting. No photos yet - not until everything is finished. Over the next couple of weekends I am going to paint the back fence a dark purple colour. Should be an interesting project when trying to care for a busy one year old at the same time.

I was tickled pink to see that my freesia bulbs are beginning to grow ....

The veggie patch has been a bit neglected. The silverbeet is getting eaten alive, despite being drenched in organic pest spray. The tomato plants however are going crazy! (apologies for quality of photography)

More photos to come this week. Like last week, I will make promises to write more posts etc.
Lets see if this week I can actually pull it off!

Kate x

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