Saturday, May 5, 2012

The little man's pad

Back in my youth (I am probably older than you think!), I did one of those dreadful Contiki Tours of Europe - sad but true. One of the great things however about this trip, was visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. It was there that I purchased the print below -  it is fittingly called 'First Steps'.
This print has been with me everywhere - interstate, more apartments than I care to remember, shared living and many years of single living and is now a feature in our little boys room. I absolutely adore it.
Apartment Therapy recently did a great feature post on including works of art in your children's bedroom. Over the past 15 months or so, I have had the opportunity to collect some beautiful pieces of inexpensive art and other little treasures for my little boy.

I was going to photoshop this pic but did think it was very cute the way a certain someone kept sneaking into the shot to do some rearranging!

Our precious 'Children of the World' print was purchased from the lovely ladies at Mondocherry.
We are fortunate to have many other Mondocherry pieces in our home - all of which I love.
This piece of art is so very special and sits above the little man's cot.

The gorgeous owl mobile, also a family favourite, was made by a lovely friend of mine, Caroline.
I will keep this mobile forever. Words cannot express how much the little man loves looking at this piece of art. Thanks Caroline for making 'change times' in our household just a little bit easier!

Last but not least, the little man's cot. I purchased the gorgeous Rabbit from the lovely Kimberlee from Brown Button Trading. I am a big fan of Kimberlee's blog Brown Button.
When I found out that I was pregnant, I purchased the Zebra aka 'Zoltan' from Nana Huchy.
The 'Hug a Planet' was purchased from Bebeonline. Although not art as such, the little man does love to squeeze his 'Hug a Planet' and it is a very creative way to teach your baby about the world and its many and varied places.

Do you have any pieces of art in your children's room? What about little treasures that you will cherish forever?

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  1. What a gorgeous room you have created for your gorgoeus little boy. We are so pleased you are enjoying your "children of the world" artwork. Love the 'Hug a Planet' pillow and the very special mobile. So precious.
    Clare x