Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A bunch of flowers

Ok...... So I didn't get my piece of cake but I did buy these flowers and a coffee.
Isn't it funny how somethings as simple as flowers can make you so happy!
I had other pretty photos to load up, but our internet is too slow :(

Another positive for today, I was able to enrol in Holly Becker from Decor8's 'Blogging Your Way'
e-course. I am super excited about learning how to improve this little blog and my photography skills etc. Another excuse to be creative ....
Will post again at the end of the week,

Kate x


  1. Love the lamp! Its a gorgeous vignette, Kate. xx Reen

  2. The flowers look gorgeous WW. If I only I had that flair....lucky for me I know someone that does! Tx

  3. Kate!! I'm doing the blogging your way course too! I'm a little nervous I'll run out of time but I gather it's pretty slow paced!? See u online! LovT