Saturday, May 5, 2012

Children's music.....

We love music in our household. I am only too aware of the positive effect that music has on my mood, particularly at the end of our day when things tend to get a little bit crazy.
The little man and I are big, big fans of Holly Throsby and her CD aptly titled 'See!'....

Holly, if you are reading this blog somewhere out there in cyberspace (yeah right! :), thankyou so much for bringing such happiness to our mealtimes and bathtimes. If you are yet to purchase this CD and you have little people in your life that love to get their groove on, I cannot recommend this CD more highly. Our favourite songs are 'Hello Tiger' and 'Diamonds are so shiny'.

P.S. Although my husband would probably be ashamed to admit it, I have heard him sing songs from this album when he is playing with the little man - makes my heart melt!

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