Tuesday, May 22, 2012

an impromptu purchase...

Once upon a time pre baby, I was always one to make the odd impromptu purchase. You know the type, an impromptu pair of shoes or item of clothing. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your view point, I have since reformed, rarely making an impromptu purchase at all. On Sunday morning however, I made one of my best impromptu purchases yet.
Let me set the scene.
The little man and I made our usual trip to our local Gloria Jeans at about 0830 - we ran out of pods for the nespresso - not cool. During the week as I drove busily past 'Old As..... Antiques and Collectables' on Webster Rd at Stafford, this little chair kept catching my eye. On our way home from getting our coffee, the little man in his pyjamas patiently sitting in the back seat, I decided to stop by this gorgeous little shop and enquire about the cost of this little beauty.
$90 later, the chair was in the back seat with the little man who was by this stage looking a little confused. Coffee and a chair all before 9am on a Sunday morning - yes, sometimes I too impress myself. This little antique shop is quite the find and the couple who own it, were so helpful.
Chances are they thought I was a bit loopy!
One of my clever friends said she could re-cover the cushion and I am thinking of spray painting the chair yellow or even white for something more traditional. Either way, I love my purchase.
For those of you who know my husband and his conservative attitudes to just about everything, you will not be shocked by his reaction to this purchase. He stared at the chair quizickly, coffee in hand and said  'I don't get it. It is just cane chair'. Just you wait and see dear husband. This is not just a plain old cane chair. I will be sure to post photos of the finished product.


  1. Kate! I love love love love it! Yay for you for having such vision, and seeing it for the masterpiece it will be with a lick of paint. I'd go white - it's just screaming Hamptons and imagine the fun you can have with so many different cushion covers. Totally gorge xxx

    1. Thanks Kate..... I think white would be great too. With some beautiful, colorful cushions it could end up looking very 'Anna Spiro'. Have a good week and thanks for checking out my blog x

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  2. Totally Anna Spiro! Oh what I'd do for the talent of her little toe, even!