Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Working and motherhood ....

I have been debating whether to publish this post or not. It is a bit personal.
I say it every time, I know. I really don't want to make this blog about parenting or mothering but occasionally the topic just comes up. I guess I am reluctant to talk too much about it, just in case I bore you!
The past few months have been so busy in our household. The little man has been experiencing what seems like constant illness and that combined with shift work, motherhood and contributing to the running of our household, is fast becoming too hard. I so wanted to seem like the super mum who could work 5 days a fortnight (mostly night shifts - 10 hours nights shifts mind you!), capably care for her family and have a neat, tidy, organised home, but I am not. No, unfortunately I am not a robot. It would seem that working and caring for a one year old, at least for me, is not quite that easy after all. I have felt like time is just passing us by. The little man is growing up before our very eyes. I can't believe it is nearly June! Seriously, how did that happen?
So, after much deliberation and a few tears, I have decided to reduce my shifts to two shifts per week and I am also pulling the little man out of childcare. Fingers crossed this will all come together in a month or so. I figure we can try childcare again next year and in the meantime, the little man's immune system can take a break from overdrive. It is time to get my little family back on track! Some decisions as a parent are so difficult and I have struggled with this one, but hopefully this decision will provide us with the opportunity to regroup and be as well as possible for the remainder of the year.
Here is a photo taken of us in the early days. This shot was taken by my brother, Tom. He is quite the talented photographer don't you think?
I love this photo for obvious reasons - even if it does accentuate my big nose! Look at my beautiful little boy - good enough to eat he is!

I have been thinking that it may be time to re-immerse myself in some of Sarah Napthali's books.
I have found her books so helpful in the past, especially when I have felt like I have lost focus on the important things in life. What do you find helpful when you are trying to regain perspective?

PS. I promised my husband I wouldn't put any current photos of the little man on this blog but figured this pic didn't count ;)


  1. What a courageous decision, Kate! Glad you feel that you were able to take this direction. Good luck! Ali x

  2. Hi Kate, I found you in the BYW class. I am reading Buddhism for Mothers at the moment, it is great and puts parenting onto perspective for me. I blog about simplifying your life from a stay/work at home mums perspective and with a few changes I'm certain you will find the balance and harmony you are seeking!

    1. Thanks Amanda.
      Yes, I have read this book before and everytime I read it, I seem to learn something new. I recently purchased another of Sarah Napthali's books - Buddhism for mothers with young children. Really looking forward to reading this too. So many great books out there!
      Will have to check out your blog too ;)
      See you in class. x

  3. i hope it all goes well...you'll enjoy the extra time with your little man. I work part time and still struggle but think id struggle more if i was at home full time so part time work is better for me and my family. As mums we just do what we have to do!

  4. Hi Kate,
    I love that photo! Don't regret this decision to spend more time with your little man. I work part time and think I should be working full time now since my boys (9 & 7) are older and at school. But I love taking them to school and picking them up twice a week. I would not trade it for anything.

    1. Thanks Libby. I am confident I am making the right decision too. So excited about the BYW course and doing some more work on my blog. Your work is amazing by the way :)
      See you in class. Why do weekends have to go so quickly?

  5. Kate that is an amazing decision to make and your little man will thank you for it... Hope you can relax a bit more soon. I'm off thurs and fri until my litlle man/chicka is born so maybe I can meet your little man at last when you have had some time to chill??? Take care xxxxxx