Thursday, May 31, 2012

This week I LOVE ......

Nearly the end of the week people. After my post from earlier this week, I wanted to make sure we ended the week at 'A little home with Freesias' on a positive note.
Have been daydreaming on pinterest this morning and this is what I have come up with......
This week I love/would love ......

LOVE this hair colour.

For the first time since November (embarrassing to admit), I am getting my hair cut on Saturday.
I am so seriously excited I have started a countdown and boy am I going to take my time - could be the longest haircut ever! Usually I am very, very bleached :), but surprisingly my new hair growth post baby is quite dark. Thinking about a colour change but keeping my hair long. I will be taking this pic with me for inspiration.

I still LOVE wallpaper. Will be heading to Porter's Paints this weekend to check out Anna Spiro's new wallpaper collection.... This wallpaper would look great in our study nook....

Have also been thinking about taking a family holiday for a week in August. I want to go somewhere quiet where we can chill out. If I could choose anywhere in the world right at this moment, I would LOVE to go here.....

LOVE him.... need I say anymore? Without sounding dreadfully shallow, seriously could this man get anymore dreamy?

Would LOVE to eat this RIGHT NOW....

LOVE this kitchen :)....

Would LOVE this deck and of course the fairy lights under our mango tree

LOVE Tim Ross' chateaux...

Would LOVE a certain someone (yes you CW!) to buy me a bunch of daisies.....

LOVE this skirt....

I LOVE this print......

Love this front door.....

LOVE this hair product - be gone my tragic 80's body wave......

And last of all....LOVE this quote.

Thanks for reading my blog this week. Will sign off for the week today.
So looking forward to a quiet weekend with my little family. Make sure you enjoy yours too :)

Kate x


  1. I luff Anna's wallpaper so much, esp the pink trellis one. So chic and cheery. x

  2. Hi Kate! great to see lots of Aussie bloggers in BYW! i heart Pinterest, so addictive! ive booked in to get a haircut next week...need it badly!

  3. Ditto on Pinterest! It is quite addictive. I have to pace myself when browsing because it's also a major time consumer (smile).

    Stopping by from BYW. See you in class.


  4. What a lovely way to end the week. Thanks for putting a smile on my face:) MelChesneau

  5. just wanted to say hi from Sydney and BYW! great blog you have here and yes I'm addicted to Pinterest too!

  6. That hair, that holiday destination, that deck.... oh yes, and THAT skirt... Perfection. I love pinterest too.
    {Visiting via BYW}

  7. Such a fantastic way to finish off the week by having a post about all the things you love! I personally am loving the caramel slice, the floral skirt and that beautiful picture of a country house in Autumn!
    xoxo Lauren (a fellow BYW classmate from Brissie!)

  8. I loved this post, Kate! I could pin each and every one of your pics to my own boards! Gorgeous inspiration. Hope all's well in your neck of the woods x