Sunday, June 24, 2012

'Delicious' magazine and a blog ...


Today I thought I would do a brief write up on one of my new favourite magazines.
I am quite literally so obsessed with decorating and cooking magazines, that it is almost becoming problematic - not to mention expensive! I cannot articulately describe the sheer thrill I get when I receive one of my beloved subscriptions in the mail. Knowing my passion for pouring over divine magazines, for mother's day my husband (on behalf of the little man), gave me a subscription to 'Delicious' - be still my heart. My excitement was palpable, particularly when I realised that Katie Quinn Davies from none other than 'What Katie Ate', was now a regular contributor at 'Delicious' - squeak! Believe me, Katie's contribution alone to this magazine is reason to purchase.

Katie's article this month was titled 'Little beauties', detailing the decadence of canapes, making me want to seriously reach through the pages and shove (yes, quite literally shove by the handful!) the 'beef and pork sliders' she had photographed into my mouth (sorry, that's a bit graphic and bordering on 'Nigella-esque').
Her photos have been styled to perfection, giving the reader a true sense of winter - the photos were dark and broody, lit by candlelight. Reading this article and pouring through this edition of 'Delicious', I could have been transported to winter in a little B&B in the English countryside, instead of being in a chilly post war home without insulation, trying to warm my feet under the oil heater. Did I mention the screeching of possums in our mango tree? Not very English country side at all, but funny none the less - you have to laugh!
Bill Granger is also a regular contributor to 'Delicious' and lets face it, one can never get enough of Bills simple, tasty recipes! His feature on 'Christmas in July' has my husband and I very inspired to host our very own Christmas next month. In short, if you have never purchased a copy of 'Delicious,' I am seriously thinking that you should :)

Before I sign off, I also wanted to mention a new blog that I have recently discovered called 'la porte rouge'. The reasons for why I love this blog will immediately become obvious when you click on the link. Once again, I am left gobsmacked at how overwhelmingly clever some people out there in cyberspace.

I can't believe it is Sunday night - where do the weekends go?
Did you relax or have you been busy embarking on some fabulously creative project?

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