Friday, June 29, 2012

A little wicker chair....

I am coming to the end of what has been a truly lovely week. It has been our first week without childcare and I have to say, I am loving it! I hadn't realised until this week how truly unhappy I have been trying to manage work/childcare and a constantly sick baby.
With more spring in my step, I have had a massively productive week doing some 'winter cleaning' and organising and yes to those who are interested, I have been making our bed daily. There is no doubt that by making our bed I have been more organised - who would have thought!
A beautifully made bed with 'nurse's corners' and crisp tightly tucked in sheets, is truly heavenly.
Needless to say, I have been sleeping ridiculously well.
I have also been doing a lot of daydreaming about little creative projects, namely my little wicker chair. Look what I found on Design Sponge...... I LOVE it!

Yes, I could go with a safe option and paint the chair white and opt for a brightly covered cushion, but this probably wouldn't go with our furniture. Something bright on the otherhand could look fabulous! I love the colour aqua but I am thinking that red could look great too.
If I were to paint my little chair red, I was thinking that the fabric swatch samples below would like great as cushions - I am leaning towards the black and grey Alexander Henry 'Copenhagen Black' print..... The Surface Art Mikko Red/Chino print also has potential.

Surface Art - Mikko Red/Chino

Home Decor - Copenhagen Black

La Paloma Birds Black

The Paloma birds in black also by Alexander Henry, is equally beautiful. This print would also look great as wall art. So many choices. What do you think? Any suggestions or opinions welcome :)

Hope you have all had a good week. The rain has finally stopped here in Brisbane, so hopefully the backyard dries up quickly so we can do some playing in the sunshine over the weekend.

See you next week,

Kate x


  1. Hi, Kate. Am loving your blog. Check out Bungalow Living - this local website has wonderful fabrics and focus on cane

    1. Thanks Reg.... Will check bungalow living out for sure. Hope you are getting better. Missing you at work! Kate x

  2. Oh, definitely paint it something bright - red would be perfect! Can't wait to see the finshed result.
    Clare x