Thursday, June 21, 2012

This week in photographs..

I have been doing too much 'thinking' about this blog and not enough 'doing'. For a long time now I have been wanting to feature some of my own photography on this blog but have not been sure how to go about it. I have learnt so much by participating in  'Blogging Your Way' (thanks Holly & Co.) and have decided to take a risk and start putting what I have been reading and imagining into practice. I have fired up 'the ole canon', downloaded some brand new photography apps and have had a great week playing around with my camera and Instagram.
This has been my week in photographs.....
Flowers from home.... The freesia bulbs are coming along beautifully. Looking forward to spring! Tulips were photographed at my mother's house. How lovely is the green jug? The rose was photographed while going for a walk at New Farm Park with the little man.
With the cooler weather we have been experiencing here in Brisbane, coffee and yummy toasted sandwiches are quickly becoming my lunchtime favourite - not great for the waistline but great comfort food. The shoes well, I love them therefore they had to be photographed. Had to photograph puddings I also made for our dinner party.... delish.
Tomatoes anyone? I am seriously considering giving up my day job and becoming a cherry tomato farmer. The tomato vines have been taking over our deck! It is amazing what neglect can do for the growth of your veggie patch ;)  I can also grow basil at pretty much noxious weed proportions. Which reminds me, we need more pesto!

Have been reading some really fabulous magazines and books that I can't wait to share with you.
Will post again in the next couple of days.
P.S. There is a gremlin in blogger! The formatting of this post is disastrous and the photos wont centre??? Have spent too long fixating and decided to post anyway :)

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  1. Lovely pics!! LOVE that green jug.