Monday, July 30, 2012


For a long time now, I have had an obsession with Bally posters. I love them - the colours, the quirky pictures, the lot. I must confess however, the expense of purchasing an original has always held me back. It would be an investment I hear you say! Believe me, I have tried convincing others of the same.
I often find myself over at Galerie Montmatre imagining, but I am yet to make the purchase.
I came close once. I went to Fitzroy and stood outside the Galerie Montmatre shopfront, but was too scared (insecure) to go in. I know. How pathetic is that? Have you ever felt that way before?
You have dreamed of purchasing something for so long, but when it came to the crunch, you chickened out. Never mind. One day I will definitely have one of my own....

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday morning and the Olympics...

We have loved the sunshine here in Brisbane this week. It's funny. I have never noticed how much I love the sunshine and being outside until I became a mum. Like they say, little people help you to slow down and enjoy the simple things  - in our case, that rings so true. Who would have thought that being outside pushing a baby on a swing could be so enjoyable!

Are you excited about the Olympics? I am not a huge sports person myself, but will really enjoy watching the athletics and swimming where possible. The concept of being an athlete intrigues me. Never one to be able to stick to things for very long, for example going to the gym, I really admire people who are able to train so passionately and who are so disciplined. Imagine being so driven to win 'gold'! Moments like the Olympics certainly remind me of how proud I am to be an Australian  - a super unfit, uncoordinated one at that!

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Just a short post today. I had heaps of other photos I wanted to share with you, but have no time. I have to be at work in an hour - eek! Have a great weekend.

Kate x

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


One of my favourite things to do is bake for my little boy. I love nothing more than making us both something scrumptious to eat (reduced in sugar obviously), so we can then sit together at the kitchen table, laugh and enjoy each others company. This usually involves practising our new words too. Toddlers really do rock!
I have found so many great resources for cooking for babies and toddlers. I have become a huge fan of Annabel Karmel. Her iPhone app that I used religiously when we first introduced solids was so helpful, providing healthy meal ideas for those of us who want to prepare yummy food for our babies, but are not quite sure how to go about it. The other day I made her Apple, Raisin and Bran Muffins which were fab and today, her Yogurt cake. This is positively delicious and very moreish. It took less than five minutes to make and will be lucky to last until tomorrow :)

Photo by me.

Yogurt Magimix Cake (makes 8 adult portions)
( I don't have a Magimix but used my Kitchenaid. The instructions state that a food processor or blender could also be used).

160g sugar
250 mls of vegetable oil
225g of natural set yogurt
2 eggs
225g of self raising flour
2 teaspoons of vanilla essence
icing sugar

Grease a 25cm/10 inch round cake tin. In a blender or food processor, mix the sugar with the oil, and then add the yogurt and mix. Blend with the eggs, flour and vanilla. Pour into the prepared tin and bake at 325-350F(160-180C) for 55 minutes. Sprinkle the top with icing sugar.

Recipe taken from The Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel p 176.

I was thinking, as an alternative you could also add some lemon zest.... yum!
What are some of your easy, scrummy baking recipes?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A little bit of pretty ....

I have been inspired by Emily over at the Beetle Shack. She had purchased these 'baubles' (not sure what else to call them?) and used them as terrariums - filling them with moss which looked amazingly effective. She had also had baubles hanging over her kitchen table which I thought was dreadfully cute. So, after doing some research I was able to locate and purchase these lovely baubles from Mr. Sparrow - what a gorgeous little online shop! I decided to chop these pink beauties from our hibiscus hedge and stick the baubles to our kitchen ceiling. The effect with the french doors to the deck open and the winter sunlight streaming into our little kitchen is lovely - although, there has not been much sunlight here of late! I have been desperately trying to inject a little bit of colour into our home with all this dreary weather we are experiencing here in Brisbane.

We have had a busy couple of weeks in my little family, what with work and entertaining a toddler indoors with all this rain. With some time to myself this morning, I thought I would catch up on my blogging and take a sneak peak at pinterest. This morning I have found myself longing for spring, cake (although I long for that irrespective of dreary weather) and the smell of beautiful flowers. Today I am longing for a just a little bit of  'pretty' .....

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Is it just me or do you ever crave a little bit of 'pretty' in your day?
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kitchen posters

I have been doing a lot of thinking about our kitchen. We have a wall with a blackboard and another wall space that I would like to hang some kitchen/food themed prints. Here are some print ideas I found on Etsy. Seriously, what did we ever do without Etsy?

Art for kitchen, Mid century poster, kitchen art, Stig Lindberg,  Cathrineholm, retro kitchen poster, Scandinavian print  Kitchen Happiness

French macarons, 11X14 poster, Tea time at Laduree, Paris, France, French bakery print, watercolor food, kitchen art, pink, purple

Italian food - Pesto recipe - 8X10 Limited edition print No 5/50 - Botanical plate - The kitchen collection

Kitchen art, Olive oil poster, Watercolor illustration, Food print, Kitchen decor, Italian cooking, Chartreuse

So many possibilities..... What print is your favourite?

Image (1), Image (2), Image (3), Image (4), Image (5)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I love Brisbane!

Today was one of those perfect Brisbane winter days. The weather was cool but the sun was shining very bright. We took advantage of the lovely afternoon and headed to New Farm Park for a walk and instagram action. I think it is impossible to take a bad photo using instagram!
Thought I would share some of my faves.

I feel very spoilt to live in such a beautiful city on a day like today.
Hope your week is treating you well too.

Kate x

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Monday!

I am all fired up for another busy week.
Shall we get this week started with some inspiration from Pinterest? I know.... I am full of great ideas ;)
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I love the shelves full of beautifully arranged books.... Pendant lights - need I say anymore?

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What an entrance!

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 I wish... Look at the Butlers sink - sigh ....

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 Love the tiles and the pink cupboards.

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 Who says that you can't buy yourself a bunch of flowers?

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Love,  love this coat! As I write this post I am cold, so thought posting this photo seemed apropriate :)
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See you soon friends.

Kate x