Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BFF's Birthday ....

We met in year 10 and have been the best of friends ever since. My best friend Katie is one of those people that everyone adores and yesterday she turned 35!
The little man and I busily set out to bake her a birthday cake. This was no mean feet after a nightshift, but I figured she was well worth the effort ;)
I found the cake, although it was more like a torte, on pinterest. It was seriously sweet and seriously yummy, not for the faint hearted or non-cake lover. Luckily Katie, similarly to me, is a cake lover from way back - one of the many things we have in common.
I located the recipe here (I am too lazy to type it all out) and incidentally found myself a new favourite baking blog - fancy that!
The recipe is originally from a cook by the name of David Rocco.

Loving my wrapping paper efforts for this year's birthday present too. Of course the scraps have already been framed :)

Happy Birthday old buddy. You rock!

Photos taken by yours truly ... with some tweaking from instagram.

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  1. Hi Kate, thanks for visiting my blog! What a great present..I love this cake, the apple and yoghurt comb sounds so delicious, I'll have to try it. Let me know how you go with the muffins if you make them. Have a great week. Catherine :)