Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ode to my Hills Hoist ...

When we purchased our house 4 years ago, I remember looking into the backyard seeing the Hills Hoist (yes, Hills Hoist is worthy of capital letters!) clothes line and thinking, if we are buying this house, that thing has to go! All these years later my Hills Hoist and I are positively the best of friends. Strong, sturdy, and always emotionally available (joke), I get so much satisfaction seeing a full line of freshly clean clothes spinning in the breeze, drying in the warm Queensland sun. No people, I don't care that there is a main road two blocks away blowing potentially toxic fumes into my clean washing, I love it! Did I mention the positive environmental impacts too? Let's face it, after receiving our astronomically large electricity bill yesterday (did I mention the possibility of having to sell my right kidney to fund it?) we will not be using our dryer ever, ever again!
Now, if only I was as enthusiastic about bringing the washing in, folding it and putting it away J


  1. I love a Hills Hoist! It's an Australian icon! My brother and I used to have so much fun swinging around in the backyard. And have you ever played Goon of Fortune?!

  2. You are a funny little fella Miss Kate. No, I have not played Goon of Fortune - clearly my loss! Why is it that I find out about these games in my mid 30's? Loved your post about your lounge/living room by the way. It was cluttered with beautiful little gems and trinkets and screamed out homely sophistication - exactly the look we are all after. Have a fab weekend x