Sunday, October 28, 2012

To do lists ...

It has been one of those weeks’ friends. Each day I have been meaning to do a post for my little blog, but I just haven't quite managed to get there. I hate the feeling of leaving things 'unstarted' (is that a word?) or unfinished for that matter. It is a bit sad how each week becomes a measure of how many things I have knocked off my 'to do' list, but such is life when you are just a little obsessive compulsive. Even pre-motherhood I was an obsessive list writer. I sometimes wish I was just a little bit more chilled out and didn't measure the success of my week by how many jobs I have managed to knock off my 'to do list', but that friends is another story. This week I have started reading Sarah Naphtali’s second book 'Buddhism for mothers with young children'.
I will write a review about this book in the next couple of weeks. This is another great book written by Sarah. I am a big fan of her work and find her outlook on life and parenting so refreshing and grounding.
Anyway, here are some of the fun things that I have managed to knock off my 'to do list' this week:
(1) It has come to my attention that although the little man is nearly 19 months old, regrettably I have still been getting around in maternity gear. What have I been thinking? So, this week I have had a well-deserved spend up in Country Road. I LOVE their colours for this season and I am thrilled with my purchases. Here are a couple of the items that have been added to my spring/summer wardrobe... 
Pinned ImagePinned Image

Pinned ImagePinned Image

All of these images are from the Country Road website .... 

(2) I also made this Tabbouleh care of my new favourite foodie blog 'Phoodie'. I haven't cooked Quinoa before and it was positively delicious!

This image is from the Phoodie blog... 
Phoodie is a fantastic blog detailing the most delicious and simple recipes - completely inspiring!Phoodie is also a feature food writer on Mamamia.
(3) I also had a scrumptious breakfast with my bestie yesterday morning. It is funny how only 2 hours of laughing and eating can make you feel completely refuelled and ready for the day ahead.
We went to 'Anouk' in Paddington, a great little cafe which makes the yummiest of coffee's. It helps when you can do a little window shopping afterwards too :)
I highly recommend the Croissant French Toast with Rhubarb and Raspberry Coolie ...divine...

(4) I also started reading this book...

I have written about Katie before and remain a huge fan of her work. Her photography is out of this world and her recipes are so delicious and homely. I am thinking that this cookbook could make a perfect Christmas present for that special someone. If you haven't already, you should also check out  Katie's blogspot ...
What exciting jobs have you knocked off your 'to do list' this week?
I have also nearly finished painting our bedroom. It has only taken me the best part of 5 months - yay for me!

Hope you are all having the loveliest of weekends,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

thinking about christmas ...

This year, with the little man far more active and keen to explore/destroy his environment, I am thinking about ways I will be able to decorate our little home for Christmas.
I love the tree below (both Christmas images below sourced from pinterest).
A couple of year’s back, I did purchase a beautiful white tree from a shop local to me called Abode - complete with little twinkling lights at the end of the branches. This year I am thinking that I will decorate my tree in a similar theme to the one below....
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Click on images for pinterest links..
 How gorgeous is this hallway? Understated Christmas decorating ... I love it :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today ..

Long-time no speak lovely readers.
I was all ready to do a post on a book I have recently read, but after a weekend of snot, coughing and endless whinging in our little household, I should probably add that the whinging came from those of us young and old; I simply do not have the energy.
Today although I am feeling better, I have decided to keep this post strictly superficial and fill it with lovely photos from pinterest. I also thought I would plagiarise a decorating idea that mum has incorporated into her ‘spring decorating’ theme. My mum loves nothing more than a good decorating opportunity. She purchased these gorgeous origami birds locally and placed them on some tree branches. I thought that this was a particularly clever and economical way of introducing some spring loveliness (yes, this is a word!) into your home. The quality of these pics isn't great even with instagram (sorry mum!) but you get the idea. Sweet don't you think?
Now onto pinterest. Just a reminder, I am practically on pinterest daily so don't forget to check out my boards. I am also on facebook, although I am not so technologically advanced that I have set up a link from my blog yet - sorry. What do you think of my pinterest pic selection for this week?
I may have out done myself 'me thinks'...:)
Pinned Image
Ok .. I am thinking I would be far more domestic if I wore an apron? What do you think? :)
Pinned Image
I am also thinking that this skirt could not only be slimming but should be a definite purchase for my summer wardrobe. Loving the bow on the waist ... 
Pinned Image
Kind of liking the idea of serving things on little trays ... so cute!
Pinned Image
Potential Christmas present no?
Pinned Image
Loving this bedroom idea for the little man ...One can never have enough chalk boards in their lives..
Pinned Image
This bean bag will also be purchased for the little man for Christmas  - very cool ...
We also have the same moose head in our living room :)
Pinned Image
And cause I am obsessed with teepee's this pic had to be included . Seriously a teepee with fairy lights - it's decorating genius :)
Pinned Image
And finally Parisian Christmas (in my books Christmas should always have a capital 'C')  baubles .... tres' chic ....
Pinned Image
Wait one more pic, just because I can. How heavenly is this dress?
Have a good evening friends x



Monday, October 8, 2012

Our weekend away ...

We have just returned from the most amazing weekend away with friends'. Complete with an outdoor pizza oven and an olive grove for the kids to run around, we had the best time. The drive there was a little nerve wracking, (I am not too sure that Mazda's are designed for off road driving??) but so worth it. The house was rustic, the surroundings breath taking and so completely Australian. This is our friend's family's property, and we feel so lucky to have been there for a visit.
The little man was in his element, hanging around with the big kids and going for walks with his Dad.
I was in my element, brushing up on my photography skills and taking photos of everything!

And just when I thought I had gone to heaven, look what I found in the guest house where we were staying - I could have cried. The world's most beautiful bird cage :)
Hope you all had a lovely weekend too
P.S. I was reading over my last post that in my defense, I wrote after a night shift. I feel like I should apologise. The grammar and spelling was very substandard - not my strong point at the best of times. Forgive me lovely readers :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wedding shoes.....

I must confess, I am not really a shoe person. I never have been. I can hear my sister snickering as I write this: 'that's cause you have ugly little feet', maybe this is true but I hate wearing high heels and would much rather have bare feet or be wearing my havaianas. Rarely do I notice shoes on other women, although I must confess I am the owner of some lovely ballet flats. I did recently purchase some yellow Saltwater Sandals that I was excited about too and the shoes I wore on our wedding day I adored. I was determined to wear shoes that I loved on my wedding day. Do you like them?

Sorry, I had to edit and crop this shot for the blog, but you get the idea.
Clearly our photographer was fairly average, not even photo shopping the cigarette butt out of the shot - can you spot it?
And no for the record, we didn't light up and have a drag on a darb in between shots! We are just a little bit more sophisticated than that - not much more, but just a little :) This shot does give us a chuckle though. That and reminising about the attrocious speech my brother in law gave - but that is a topic for an entirely different post. One day I might tell you about it - then again, may be I wont :)
Anyway, in my usual quest for photo perfection on pinterest, I did come across this darling pair of shoes and had to share them with you - I would have loved to have worn these on my wedding day too .....

Click on the picture for the pinterest link ...