Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wedding shoes.....

I must confess, I am not really a shoe person. I never have been. I can hear my sister snickering as I write this: 'that's cause you have ugly little feet', maybe this is true but I hate wearing high heels and would much rather have bare feet or be wearing my havaianas. Rarely do I notice shoes on other women, although I must confess I am the owner of some lovely ballet flats. I did recently purchase some yellow Saltwater Sandals that I was excited about too and the shoes I wore on our wedding day I adored. I was determined to wear shoes that I loved on my wedding day. Do you like them?

Sorry, I had to edit and crop this shot for the blog, but you get the idea.
Clearly our photographer was fairly average, not even photo shopping the cigarette butt out of the shot - can you spot it?
And no for the record, we didn't light up and have a drag on a darb in between shots! We are just a little bit more sophisticated than that - not much more, but just a little :) This shot does give us a chuckle though. That and reminising about the attrocious speech my brother in law gave - but that is a topic for an entirely different post. One day I might tell you about it - then again, may be I wont :)
Anyway, in my usual quest for photo perfection on pinterest, I did come across this darling pair of shoes and had to share them with you - I would have loved to have worn these on my wedding day too .....

Click on the picture for the pinterest link ...


  1. They are beautiful shoes kate! Love me a bit of bling xx

  2. Beautiful shoes! They remind me of my friend's wedding shoes. She had the exact same style and the best part is that she designed them herself with a made-to-order shoe company in London! They are called Upper Street. Definitely worth a look, even if you are only into ballet flats.