Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas inspiration and wreaths ....

Today I am choosing to be a bit controversial. For those of you that know me well, you will be aware of my home decorating magazine obsession. I lust after magazines and beautifully decorated homes and have been so excited, possibly in a Kate, you need to 'get a life' kind of way, about receiving the December 2012 editions of all my favourite publications. But peeps, and this is where I might offend you, I have been left feeling a bit well, blah. Almost uninspired. I have been so looking forward to obsessing over perfectly decorated festive Australian homes but have found that a few of my favourite magazines ( I have chosen not to mention the offending publications) have been a bit well, 'too cool' and almost 'too chic' this festive season. In my opinion, which in the world of decorating I am well aware counts for nothing; Christmas is not a time for minimalist chic but a time for decorating, lights and most of all tradition. For the record, Country Style's Christmas Collectors edition revitalised my faith in Australian homes and Christmas decorating and Australian House and Garden, my heart just melted. As much as I love Australian House and Garden I rarely purchase it because well, it is depressing looking at homes and decorating ideas that are beyond our capabilities and budget, but my goodness they have put together 'a cracker' of a December 2012 edition :) - go purchase it right now!

Anyways so you may ask, where do I stand currently on Christmas preparations? Before I write any further you should know that I have it all planned in my head, that and thousands of other ideas, projects and things to do and read. Now you may quiz me ... :)

Have I purchased any gifts for family and friends? - No.

Have I started baking? - Nada... but I have thought about some scrumptious little things I am going to make as the perfect 'homemade Christmas' eating treat.....

Have I put up decorations? - Nope but I have decided on a fantastic colour scheme (blue and silver) and have purchased some great battery operated Christmas lights to put up for the little man to enjoy. Like his mum, Dominic goes crazy about a good fairly light display :) 

Do we have a tree? - Well no but I have something equally as beautiful and toddler proof! Photos will be provided in the upcoming weeks...

Are you beginning to feel excited about Christmas? - Yes, I am! It has only happened this week though. In fact, I am beginning to feel a little frazzled.....

Are you going to put a wreath on your front door?
And this readers is my current Christmas decorating dilemma. To me a beautiful Christmas wreath is the ultimate in Christmas chic, that and the most perfectly wrapped gift. I did find a very sweet wreath online but I am toying with the idea of making one. Surely that would be more meaningful?
I have also thought about getting some twinkly lights and a wreath from Big W and revamping this myself - I like to call this being crafty :) Anyway for some crafty, perfectly 'Christmas-eee' wreath ideas, I of course have turned to my friends at pinterest. They have not failed to disappoint - they never do. Over the next few weeks I will do a Christmas theme post each week so watch out!

Pinned Image

Loving the felt balls.....

Pinned Image

Sweet Paul says that this wreath is easily made? ...Hmmmmmm. It certainly is beautiful.

Pinned Image

I am not sure what I love more, this front door or this beautifully rustic wreath?

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Pink = perfect ....

Pinned Image

This picture is so off the topic but how perfect are these little cookies?

So, are you making anything this Christmas? Have you got a wreath on your front door?
If you do, send me a pic of it at I would love to see it!


  1. Hi Kate, I always put a wreath up on our front door. All your ideas sound fantastic. Like you I always look forward to the Christmas editions of the mags..I'm only going to buy Gourmet Traveller though this year. Look forward to seeing your homemade wreath and yes those little cookies are so cute...yay it's Christmas!

  2. Such gorgeous images! I love the bokeh in the last shot xx