Tuesday, November 6, 2012

News from the patch ...

What's happening lovely readers? I worked all weekend while my husband and the little man had some quality time together, doing boys stuff and riding the little man's 'bikey' (his new word).
I have been meaning to do a post on my raised garden bed for some time. I was wanting to post magnificent photos of a flourishing veggie patch like you would see in a magazine, but this is the real world people - lots of trial and error. Most mornings after breakfast, the little man and I venture out to the patch to investigate what has happened over night. Yes, although my little patch is on the smallest of scales, I am just a little bit obsessed :) Things with the patch however, have been a little slow. Once again I have been reminded of the importance of preparing soil adequately before planting.
The cucumbers and snow peas are growing at a great rate, as are the tomato trees. I have learnt the hard way with my tomatoes. Although I do have pretty good success in growing them, they are practically full proof after all, they can become a bit like a toddler - grow too quickly and without regular input and love and care, become totally unruly ... :) My baby beets and little carrots are also coming along with some gentle coaxing, but despite my best efforts and pesticides (unfortunately I did have to resort to the hard stuff) my baby spinach is still getting attacked by critters - so frustrating! My lettuces however are delicious and my herbs, well it would appear that herbs are my specialty. 

All photos taken by me with instagram...
I will post another couple of pics in a month or so with further progress. I hope all this garden talk doesn't bore you. A girl has to have a hobby people and our backyard is fast becoming mine. I could be a shopaholic but instead I love nurturing my patch and spending our money at Bunnings :) Speaking of which, I highly recommend visiting Bunnings during the week. I am not sure whether it is because there are no crowds or the fact that my husband is at work, but I highly recommend it. The little man and I love hanging in the garden section looking for bees and insects, taking our time and imagining all the beautiful things that we could grow.


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