Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinterest therapy ...

Today I am feeling very superficial. Do you have days like this? So as to address my shallow state of mind I thought it only appropriate, even therapeutic to spend sometime on pinterest. I have lusted after photos of fashion, food and houses. My little bit of therapy :)
Humour me friends :) Imagine if you will, what it must be like to have:

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Hair like this ....

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Or to look like this ( I told you, I am being superficial) ...

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A dress like this .....

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Or do you prefer this one?

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Or a cute kitchen like this ....

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Shelving like this .... Are people seriously this tidy? I am such a let down as a homemaker ;)

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Or have a rug, just like this ....

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But most of all.... give me a strong coffee and a big piece of this! And no, just in case you are wondering, I never have and never will share dessert. I am just not that kind of girl :)
Kate x

Monday, January 28, 2013

Buzzing like a bee ....

Friends, I am buzzing just like a 'Queen Bee'. Bossing people around, tidying and organising. We are ploughing through our 2013 'to do' list and have decided we are going to try and sell our little house. 
I don't want to say too much more in fear of jinxing ourselves. We are currently having the inside of our shanty re painted. Yes, this did include the bedroom that I started painting in September 2012 but never quite finished - very typically me. It now looks beautiful. I will get my little bro to take some photos from around the house when we have finished our little revamp. Things are beginning to come together nicely.
For us, 2013 is about taking risks and believe me friends (all 16 of you :), we are not risk takers. We over analyse and confuse ourselves. Discuss and then re-discuss. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes you just have to 'bite the bullet' - at least this is what I keep telling my husband. At times he can be a little hard to convince :)
In an attempt to keep myself grounded with so much happening in our little family, I have 'spring cleaned' my little veggie patch. The horrendous heat and the freakin possums have absolutely trashed my little piece of Australia, leaving it in desperate need of love. After reading the fantastic post published on The Design Files about Rebecca Grogan from 'The Sage Garden', I have felt truly inspired. One day I want so badly to have an enormous flourishing patch of vegetable goodness for Dominic to enjoy. With photos like these, can you blame me? ......
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How beautiful are these photos? Click on the pics for pinterest links...
So, I have planted rainbow silver beet and corn, more cherry toms and spring onions. The laundry tubs with herbs have been re fertilised and are beginning to stretch their lovely leaves up toward the sun once again.

I started writing this post early last week and never published it. A lot has happened in 'old Brisbane town' since then. Thankfully we have not been affected by the floods. We are so lucky. Sure the veggie patch has flooded, the herbs have drowned in the laundry tubs and in the early hours of this morning, our outdoor umbrella was hurled into the air crashing into the side of the house. Otherwise nothing. To think only a couple of kilometres away, streets have been turned into creeks and people's homes have filled with water.
I have been thinking a lot about my friends who have once again been affected by the floods, when it only seems like yesterday we had the floods of 2011. Tonight though, my thoughts are particularly with the people of Bundaberg. It must be terrifying having to grab your belongings and the people that you love and leave your home - not being sure what will be there when you return. What an overwhelmingly tragic Australia Day weekend.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 .....

New Year's resolutions.... I am a woman who dreams friends. I have lots of ideas but some of them are a little slow to come together. I am pleased to report that my two New Year's resolutions for 2012 came together pretty nicely. I started a blog (round of applause to me) and I also started taking better care of myself. In 2011, I had bushy eyebrows and crazy long hair with atrocious regrowth. In 2012,  I had my hair done and eye brows waxed approximately 4 times - this people is progress.

So, what for 2013?

(1)  Exercise - and so begins interval training on the bike we have under our house. I will report back with progress - then again, I may not :). Supposedly interval training is exercise for the time poor?? The fact that Dominic keeps coming up to my tummy and going 'wobba wobba' is motivation enough. The mummy tummy is going in 2013!

(2) I want to increase my blog followers. I also need to revamp this blog. Not sure how I am going to do it, but it is time to up the ante! I hereby declare that it is time to get creative people - less talk and far more action.

(3) I spend too much time wandering and dreaming about the 'what if' forgetting to be grateful for all that I have. This year I am going to start a gratitude journal. I have read about this concept on numerous blogs and love it!

There are other potential projects in the pipeline which will be revealed later in the year. We are definitely going to be busy for 2013!

What are some of your resolutions? Care to share them or would you prefer to keep things secret squirrel ;)
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