Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 .....

New Year's resolutions.... I am a woman who dreams friends. I have lots of ideas but some of them are a little slow to come together. I am pleased to report that my two New Year's resolutions for 2012 came together pretty nicely. I started a blog (round of applause to me) and I also started taking better care of myself. In 2011, I had bushy eyebrows and crazy long hair with atrocious regrowth. In 2012,  I had my hair done and eye brows waxed approximately 4 times - this people is progress.

So, what for 2013?

(1)  Exercise - and so begins interval training on the bike we have under our house. I will report back with progress - then again, I may not :). Supposedly interval training is exercise for the time poor?? The fact that Dominic keeps coming up to my tummy and going 'wobba wobba' is motivation enough. The mummy tummy is going in 2013!

(2) I want to increase my blog followers. I also need to revamp this blog. Not sure how I am going to do it, but it is time to up the ante! I hereby declare that it is time to get creative people - less talk and far more action.

(3) I spend too much time wandering and dreaming about the 'what if' forgetting to be grateful for all that I have. This year I am going to start a gratitude journal. I have read about this concept on numerous blogs and love it!

There are other potential projects in the pipeline which will be revealed later in the year. We are definitely going to be busy for 2013!

What are some of your resolutions? Care to share them or would you prefer to keep things secret squirrel ;)
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  1. I want to use my recipe books again - they have ben sadly neglected of late as I have been resorting to spag bog, quiche, stir fry etc!
    I would like to lose my mummy tummy too - been a long while now since I had the excuse of pregnancy...
    I would like to keep my house tidy...hmmm...this hasn't lasted even one day!
    Clare xx

  2. Great resolutions Kate. I'd like to get fitter in 2013 as well and drink more water (I've started today by buying a 1.5 litre bottle of water which I've challenged myself to drink every day!) I also want to keep improving my blog and increase the numbers on my facebook page. Good luck to everyone with your resolutions, be interesting to report back this time next year. Catherine x

  3. Hi, Kate--

    I just found your blog and love every post/entry here and relate to almost all of them. (My husband and I don't have children, but othwerise, I relate to soooo much of what you say and share here. I just peeked through your archives and will be back to look thorugh them all again when I have more time. 'Happy to have met you! :)

    Love from your newsest follower, ♥


    1. Val, thanks for visiting! It is always so exciting to get new followers. Kate x