Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Distraction ...

I wont lie to you .... I am distracted. Very, very distracted. Selling the house is turning out to be a slow process and keeping the positive energy levels high, is proving to be exhausting and distracting. We will get there I know but my goodness, I can see why selling your house is on the list of the most stressful things you can do. Getting married was easy compared to the suspense of this!
So, what have I been doing to keep myself busy. I know. To manage my stress I should by telling you of my new exercise regime or the meditation I have been doing each day but instead I have cleaned, baked, eaten too much of what I have baked, played with cars and puzzles, watched episodes of 'Peppa Pig' and become addicted to the series 'Homeland'. Holy crap. This series is so good!
I am well known for this kind of behaviour during times of stress. A good TV series is the perfect distraction or is it avoidance? Let's just call it escapism. I have also developed a major addiction to 'Hart of Dixie' thanks to Kate from Polka Dot Pantry. Between these television series and, I am in desperate need of a support group ;) It could be worse though really couldn't it? I could be shopping compulsively or eating kilo's of chocolate!
No other news really. For the first time in weeks I have indulged in some pinterest this afternoon (but of course!) and found these pics. One day I will have my Aga oven.... in fact, everything about this kitchen I adore.

Pinned Image

This front door is kind of fab too...

Pinned Image

This 'to-do' list is soooooo apropriate for me right now!!

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I would love to have chickens....

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 And I could rest very comfortably on this chair ..

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 So, what is news friends? Any gossip? TV series you can recommend? What about new blogs I should look at?


  1. Oh yay! So glad to hear you're hooked too! I am Lemon Breeland, I swear. And I am so in love with George it's not funny. Isn't it just the sweetest little show ever? I'm halfway through Season 2 . . . don't want to spoil anything but it's good - keeps you guessing and not too predicatable.

    Please share some of your baking recipes!


    1. I have started second season of Hart of Dixie too... I am with you. I don't quite get the whole appeal with Wade but George is just gorgeous. Will share some of my very basic baking recipes.... Will try and include pics providing I don't eat the goods first :)
      Hope you are well x