Friday, February 22, 2013

Tomorrow ....

Do you feel like I am using this blog as therapy at the moment? Probably cause let's face it, I am.
Tomorrow morning I am working. Who cares I hear you say - what is your point? Tomorrow friends we have appointments with buyers and I will be leaving the condition of our house prior to inspection, in the hands of my husband. This is testing my control issues considerably. Now let's be clear. I have a very capable husband. He does all the cooking and will put on a load of washing without being asked. I do realise that this is somewhat exceptional. But friends, when it comes to girly stuff and making sure things in the house look just right, he is a nightmare. He notices very little and when I ask him whether he likes something I have done with the house, he will often shrug his shoulders and accuse me of trying to make the house look like a magazine cover! I am not sure what freakin magazine he is referring to, cause living with a busy 22 month old is preventing anything in this house from looking even remotely styled. If the style was say 'boisterous and often destructive toddler,' that style we could master with little effort at all :)
So, today I have cleaned and have written a list of instructions for my husband to follow tomorrow morning. I know, totally cringe worthy but I have to do something!
Let me further set the scene and justify my cause for concern. When we first started going out I had cooked us dinner - I was eager to impress. I had placed lovely tea lights on the table and even had fairy lights twinkling outside. I had gone into the kitchen for but a brief moment and when I returned found my now husband sitting at the table, eagerly waiting for dinner. I noticed that the candles that had been glowing warmly prior to my departure (like I said it was brief!!) had now been blown out. I asked enquiringly, 'Hey, did you blow the candles out?' to which my husband replied 'Yeah... they are a bit of a fire risk'. HELLO it is called ambience!! And so I rest my case. I am not suggesting that we light candles tomorrow morning for our inspection, but surely you are beginning to understand my cause for concern. 
Wish us luck dear friends cause tomorrow not only does my husband have to manage our toddler, but also has to ensure our chateaux looks schmick for inspection. Wish him luck :)
Stay tuned ........and have a relaxing weekend.
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  1. I'm sure your man will do a great job!! I actually had this discussion with my husband yesterday as the house looks like a tornado after he's looked after the girls. He says *I just don't SEE the mess'. worrying indeed, how do you cure that? Maybe a list is just the thing....

  2. Good luck with the house Kate. Oh my gosh selling a house is so stressful especially when you have a toddler. I'm sure hubby will come through with flying colours. Don't get to stressed, it will all work out.