Friday, April 5, 2013

Another week, another book...

As usual, my week has flown by. I am not sure what I have achieved, but we have done lots of running around the garden playing with the 'da ball' and have enjoyed dancing and listening to our new favourite singer, Sarah Humphreys. One of my other achievements for this week, was finishing this book.

I was first introduced to Grace Coddington, Artistic Director of American Vogue, after watching the documentary 'The September Issue' many years ago; a documentary detailing Anna Wintour's preparations for the 2007 Fall fashion issue of American Vogue. Grace was a standout in this documentary, obviously passionate about fashion and photography, with unfailing witt and obvious generosity. I love reading books about people who are so clever and have lived such interesting lives and yet, are so completely unassuming of their talent. Grace's stories about her life, marriages, amazing places she has travelled and of course her love of fashion, have made for a great read.
I couldn't put this book down.
What books have you read recently? Any you can recommend? I need a good book to distract me from all the packing we need to start doing!


  1. Hi Kate, thank you for telling us about this book. I've been meaning to get it for a while and will now that you've said it good. I love nothing better than a book you can't put down. I'm reading an old classic at the moment "To Kill A Mockingbird". My daughter has to read it for school so thought I'd go along for the ride to help far loving it.

  2. What a great tip, I haven't read a book for ages and was about to go out and get one, this sounds wonderful. Thank you!