Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday dessert - the tale of a Victoria Sponge (warts and all)..

So, I have debated long and hard with this post.
Do I tell the real story of how this cake came together, or do I lead you all to believe that I am a modern day domestic goddess, who cares for and bakes for her family without a care in the world.
Hmmmmm tough choice... but where is the fun painting a picture of perfection right?
 I have long been a fan of the blog What Katie ate. I follow Katie's stories in Delicious Magazine religiously and I am a big fan of her cookbook. When I saw her recipe for this cake on her blog, I just knew I had to give it a go. My mum enthusiastically encouraged me to bring dessert for Easter Sunday lunch. When I informed my husband on the other hand that I would be making this cake, I was met with, 'Oh ... ok. Really?' My husband does enjoy my baking don't get me wrong, it is my process of baking (or lack of ) that causes him most stress or is it distress? He is a neat and orderly cook you see and I am chaotic at best. There are usually dishes and ingredients everywhere - this does include the bench top and on occasion, the floor. I try hard to be orderly but in the end, I can just never get my act together. One can't be a creative genius and tidy after all ;)
So admittedly like I said, I did get off to a bad start when I had to add three eggs to the cake mixture. Of course the third egg dropped fairly well shell and all into the cake mixture (I swear it practically disintergrated in my hand!), the Kitchenaid spreading shell pieces everywhere...(enter swear word here). Never fear dear readers, I remained alert (not alarmed) and started again. Here is the end result ....

In short, the cream filling didn't quite work out. The recipe said to add pouring cream to the mascarpone and stir.
 I figured this would be too runny? I deliberated as to whether I should whip the cream despite the recipe. I made the wrong decision, whipped the cream and it went a bit funky. Despite this, it still tasted pretty damned good - if I must say so myself :)
The chocolate Easter eggs with cheese cake filling and passionate fruit syrup for the yolk (in photo above) were made by mum - yes, they were divine. I had one, but could have quite easily eaten them all! You may laugh but back in my youth, I may have eaten an entire pack of Tim Tams in one sitting. 5 Easter eggs with cheesecake filling would be a walk in the park! :)
I hope you all had a relaxing Easter and that the bunny was kind to you xx

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  1. I saw this cake on Katies blog also. Did it taste as good as it looks. She totally had me at limoncello & strawberries with balsamic vinegar. You've done a great job recreating it. Oh my gosh, I could eat all of your mum's easter eggs as well, they look so good and chocolatey..yum.