Friday, May 24, 2013

A few healthy changes......

So, I have been feeling like shite for a while now. This could be as a result of working nightshift(s) and caring for a toddler, but boy I have been seriously lacking energy. Two of my work colleagues had commented that my thyroid gland was large so I thought I best have this checked out. Turns out, some people have fat bums, I have fat pads on either side of my thyroid, and a large bum :)
So, with no medical explanation for my lack of energy, after careful consideration, I have made a few lifestyle changes in an attempt to address my feeling of 'blah' - yes, this is a medical term. Don't worry. I haven't gone all GP on you (that's Gwyneth Paltrow to those in the know) although I do think she is beautiful and I have just ordered her new cookbook. I heard on the radio today that she exercises for two hours a day - imagine having that luxury! Anyway, I have needed to make a few lifestyle changes for a while. During the day I don't eat when I am at home and then end up substituting healthy food choices when I am starving, especially after a night shift, for pieces of toast with lashings of butter and vegimite or sweet treats. I was becoming a little Nigella-esque, getting up in the middle of the night and shoving my face into chocolate cake!
Anyway, I wont go into boring details but I am attempting to change my eating habits. No more pasta or bread. I have even cut back on my coffee intake and am reducing the amount of sugar I eat.
I had a ripper of a headache for a couple of days but I must admit, I am feeling so much better! 
I have been concentrating on baking healthy treats and incorporating whole foods as much as the budget allows. Being healthy is expensive people! Raw chocolate brownie (Dominic even ate it!) and delicious healthy banana bread are all things we have enjoyed in my little family this week. Quinoa, eggs, salads, poached chicken and nuts - who would have thought by eating a nutritious breakfast and actually making time to have lunch, you could feel so good! My new addiction is quinoa porridge with almond milk, one small banana and a handful of raisins for breakfast - soooooo good!
With so many food blogs around, I have been pouring over recipes but one of my favourite blogs is Farmhouse Home. This year Catherine, writer of Farmhouse Home, has been featuring healthy meals and baked goods for inspiration. I made this banana bread she posted on her blog, today.
I believe this recipe first featured on Lorna Jane's Move, Nourish, Believe website. Hot off the press people and the smell of banana and coconut is whafting through our home.

Photos by me.....
The bread was lovely and moist and needed no accompaniment, although I suspect some butter or a little honey would taste a treat. I only added two bananas, a third would have been perfection.
Happy Friday! x

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  1. Hi Kate, I can totally relate to this post. What have we been doing to our bodies! I only became aware about eating healthier this year because my 14 year old daughter hopped on board the healthy train. As a result I've lost a bit of weight and feel so much better. Glad you liked the banana cake, still want to have these things in my life but just healthy versions. I'm finding I'm not craving anything 'white' any more ie. white rice, bread etc.

    Thanks so much for the mention, glad the raw brownies turned out. You'll love GP's book, I got mine yesterday and made the brownies..they were a bit dense but not bad. I'm with you being healthy is so expensive!!!! I have to find a health food shop that sells these ingredients at a reasonable price. Love your blog, look forward to seeing what else you cook. Catherine xx