Friday, May 3, 2013


Friends I ask you, is it possible to shed a few kilos in hair after a hair cut?
In my case, yes. After my night shift ( I think this is fairly reflective of my desperate need for a hair cut. I had had 2.5 hours sleep prior to my appointment!), I went and saw my gorgeous hairdresser Nadine at the Glamour Beaute Lounge in Taringa. I also had my eyebrows done by the salon owner Jodi, who is possibly one of the loveliest women I have met!
HATE seeing myself in photos (make-up less too. Rarely do I wear makeup), but thought you would get a little laugh out of my before and after hair shots. See, I wasn't lying when I said I was in desperate need of a haircut and have a ridiculous amount of hair! There is zero chance of me going bald in my old age.
I have been thinking, new house new hair. So, I have been fairly daring. What do you think?

We are in the thick of packing and cleaning. I will be offline (not that I have been online much of late) next week, but I will return with some photos of the house and more time to devote to this little blog.
Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. Hi Kate, I LOVE your new hairstyle, really suits you. New house, new you! Gorgeous.