Thursday, May 30, 2013

One of those days ....

Lovely friends, let me tell you a tale about a well intentioned mummy who just hasn't been able to get her act together. Yes, a tale of : 'One of those days'.
Allow me to set the scene.
 Today I am tired.
My judgement is therefore sufficiently hindered, even a little impaired :)
I worked a night shift last night. I had a great shift. This morning Dom has been divine, playing happily in his playroom as the rain has at times, poured outside. While there was a lull in the rain I thought, let's go see the ducks at the brook before lunch. What a fabulous idea - let's get outside for some fresh air!
As I grabbed the pram out of the car, I had to growl at least a million times at Dominic to stand still and stop trying to run out onto the road. Seriously, what's with that? No, it is not funny Dominic!
As I heaved the pram out of the car and slammed the boot shut I heard a crushing sound - the sound of my iPhone being crushed as I slammed the boot. I swore under my breath (wtf) but never to be deterred by the opportunity to see a duck, I strapped Dom determinedly in the pram and convinced myself that I needed a new phone anyway. I set off ignoring all the obvious signs from the universe that we should in fact stay at home and watch 'Ellen'. As we set off storm clouds followed us, but surely it wouldn't pour until after lunch?
It all went pear shaped as we approached the brook.
Yes, it started to rain. No freakin ducks came out to say 'hi', even they decided to stay at home and play with their puzzles :)
Then it proceeded to pour. You know, the kind of heavy shower that has you panicking when you don't have a brolly except in my case, I was without brolly and with pram.
I ran in fact, I galloped to shelter - I am not built for running you see.
I must have been quite a sight!
The shelter was facing the slide and swing that Dom so desperately wanted to play on - sheer desperation I tell you! I explained in my fake calm voice that it was raining and that we couldn't play at the moment. Yes, my judgement was so sufficiently impaired that by this stage I found myself trying to reason with a 25 month old - ha.....and they call me a child health nurse!
Dom screamed and I despaired. The rain continued to pour.
20 minutes (yes 20!!) later, fed up with the screaming of my little genetic marvel, I set off home in the rain.
No slide. No swing. My feet squelched in my shoes (the stinky comfy old work shoes of course) and my freshly straightened hair was beginning to frizz.
As I marched back across the little bridge the ducks still didn't come out and say 'hi'...
I muttered something about withholding their bread privileges - that would show them.
We power walked home in silence.
A neighbour smiled at me knowingly from her window as I walked back up our street - 'You idiot', I could hear her thinking. 'Who would go outside in this weather'?
By now feeling sufficiently irritated, I imagined flicking her the bird (like I said, my judgement was impaired) but decided that this would not be neighbourly, let alone very motherly (joke- sort of). A good mother after all would have been organised and had an umbrella in the pram console!
We got home. By now Dominic had calmed and was indicating that after all the excitement, he would like a Vegemite sandwich NOW...
As a lugged the pram up the front steps, I tripped.
Yes, this was my morning.
Dom smirked at me like I was some sort of circus clown - this was fast becoming a circus act after all.
I snorted with laughter. We came inside to the shelter of our little home and turned on Peppa Pig. The moral of the story? There isn't one. I just thought that this story might amuse you.
Today made me think of this poster I found on pinterest...

Poster from pinterest. Click on image for link.....

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  1. Ha this is funny Kate. I remember having days like that when my kids were Dom's age! I'm the one who always forgets the umbrella or can't find it. I've had one of those funny days today ending with going to a class tonight I'd booked in for and found out when I got there it's tomorrow night!!! Have a great rest of the week. xx