Monday, July 1, 2013

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Friends, it has come to my attention that Google Reader will no longer exist at the end of this week - fancy that! Basically this means if you follow my little blog via Google Reader, you will now need to open a Bloglovin' account to keep up with A Little Home with Freesias. It is such an easy process and a great way to efficiently follow your favourite blogs. I will still be on Facebook and Pinterest and you can still subscribe via email (see link on right hand side of page).
You can follow A little Home with Freesias on bloglovin' by clicking on this link.
I don't want to lose all 15 of you - quick do it now!
 It has been over a month since I last did a post but I am still here, I promise.
I love my blog but have been feeling a bit down in the dumps about the whole thing. I had a big a oh woe is me story to tell you but I guess, in short, I have blogger's block. Have you had that before?
I am hoping that it is curable :) In the meantime, we will always have Pinterest - enjoy my loves...

butcher block countertop

 I love butcher block counter tops...

emily johnston anderson's kitchen | instagram by @rick_poon
Gorgeous pendant lights, organised jars and indoor plants are a must!
I am also on the hunt for more rugs.... our little house is gorgeous but freezing! Drafts are whistling up in between our floorboards. Should make for ideal living in the Queensland summer though, when I will be complaining once again about the heat :)via designsponge
 Magazine Storage.

What is inspiring you this week?

PS. Technology is not my strong point, not at all. It has now come to my attention, one day later, that the link in the post to bloglovin' is not working. Instead, click on the Eiffel Tower link on the right hand side of the page and this should take you to my link on bloglovin'.... :) x

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