Friday, July 26, 2013


You have missed me haven't you - admit it :)
Once again, I could ramble on about why I haven't written a post for so long. I could rant and rave about the woes of working night shift and caring for a toddler but let's face it, that is oh so boring.
I could even rant and rave about the fact that I have had two root canals since my last post (yes, that is two dead teeth in my little mouth) but that would be boring too and quite frankly, freakin painful -  nothing compared to childbirth though :) In my opinion, it is criminal that epidurals cannot be given for tooth pain ;)
I feel like I have lost a bit of direction with this blog and hobbies that I have just for me. I need a project. Yes, I have this blog. I love this blog. I even have pinterest to preoccupy my creativity, but what I miss most of all since moving into our new house is our old garden. My little insignificant veggie patch that I used to tend to daily. My herbs in my hot pink laundry tubs. None of what I had previously was flash by any means, but it was mine and it gave me something to 'tinker' with - does that make sense? Yes, I need to start tinkering. I am a tinkerer. I spend so much time outside with Dominic, there is no excuse really. Put it this way, my creative energy is so stifled at the moment that I removed the doors to the cupboards in our kitchen this afternoon and have been obsessively styling our shelves. Chris is yet to see it. He may not be impressed :) For the record, my kitchen shelves are beginning to look a little swanky - well to me anyway :)
Anyways, so in conversation with a work colleague the other night who is always curious about my blog and interests, I have been inspired to once again embark on a small gardening project. I am going to start another small veggie patch. I will have to focus most of my energy on growing things in pots and a much smaller raised garden bed. Remember this?

 I have purchased this little beauty for some ideas on gardening in smaller spaces.
Excitedly, I have also been pouring through this old friend. I swear, this book is one of the best presents I have every received....

I have also been finding heaps of inspiration from beautiful blogs. I have only just discovered Messy Nessy Chic. I am not sure where to start, except to say that I could become a little emotional as I pour through this blog, its wonderful photos and amazing stories from all over the world. Take this post for example which featured on Messy Nessy today - potted plants everywhere lining the streets of Paris. Complete bliss. This post also from Messy Nessy, sent me crazy with gardening inspiration. Some people are seriously clever and this blog is seriously amazing. Check it out now!
So there it is friends. I have a new project. I hereby promise to take photos of the good, the bad and the ugly of my new project. Maybe with this will come more frequent posts - you just never know :)
Thanks again for bearing with me and following this blog. I really do love writing for you and sharing all my Internet finds.
Happy Friday lovelies

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  1. Hi Kate, yes I've been through feelings of losing direction with my blog and creative blocks. I promise it doesn't last forever! The veggie patch project is a great idea, there's nothing more inspiring than growing your own veggies and picking them to include as part of a meal. Dominic can get involved as well. I have Stephanie's Kitchen Garden book also, isn't it great! Look forward to seeing your progress. Be kind to yourself. Catherine x