Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, monday.....

Flowers in our house today.....
Don't mind me my lovelies, if a have a little bit of a brag about the sensationally sunny weather we are having here in Brisbane at the moment. It is winter and we are experiencing 25 degree days! Heavenly I tell you.....
We had the busiest of weekends, catching up with family and visiting the 'country cousins' - three of the cutest kids you could meet. Country air is good for the soul people. The big backyard and fantastic cubby house with accompanying slide and swing, proved to be a huge hit.
Dominic was in his element. And, I only have one night shift which I am seriously excited about!
As for the ranch, last week I had a company called 'The Art of Hanging' come and professionally hang all my photos. Seriously, although it might sound a bit indulgent having someone professionally hang your frames, the stress of hanging 20 frames yourself and making sure the frames are straight is simply not worth the effort. The end result is fantastic! Not to mention the fun we (I) had arranging things.
I have also found myself thinking/daydreaming about indoor plants and plants to hang on our verandah. Preferably plants that are 'un-killable' and can survive the Queensland humidity.
I am in love with ferns - Boston and Maidenhair. Here are some photos that have inspired me from pinterest.
Oh, to one day be able to keep a maiden hair fern alive for longer than a week!  So delicate and lovely.
FRONT PORCH  - Different take on Boston Fern    Photo Gallery: 2010 Princess Margaret Showhome | House & Home
gotta get a boston fern for my front window...
Click on the pictures for the pinterest links.....
Come on, tell me you don't imagine what plants you want to have hanging on your verandah too?
Or is it just me? - ok, so it is just me ;)
Happy monday friends

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  1. I couldn't agree more, country air IS good for the soul. I love spending weekends or day trips to the country. Unfortunately it doesn't happen often enough. What a great idea getting someone to come and hang your frames, I could use a service like that, we have pics lying around that need hanging as hubby has been to busy to get around to it.

    I made your chocolate chip cookies (did you see the mention on my facebook page?) they were soooo good and didn't last long at all. Thanks for the recipe Kate. Catherine x