Monday, August 19, 2013

My little techno turkey....

Ahhhh, friends. Here is a post I wrote last week that couldn't be 'posted' due to technological difficulties. Read the story below - it will all make sense. :)

'Techno turkey' (from here on in, aka TT) is the nickname my sister has affectionately given to our two year old. No phone or piece of technology seems to be off limits to my 'little ray of sunshine'. He can navigate an iPad screen better than my husband - although I am not entirely sure that this is something to be proud of. I also found him listening to gangster rap on iTunes the other day. You know how you can listen to snippets of songs? He had just woken and I had left him innocently sitting on the couch listening to Justine Clarke, while I prepared his afternoon tea. When I returned, he was on the iTunes website listening to something by 'Flo Rida'.
Clearly not my proudest parenting moment and obviously TT needs to be more closely supervised - point taken.
Anyway, lil TT loves to mix things up a bit - you know what I mean?
My poor mother didn't receive a text message for over a week after allowing TT to 'mix it up' on her iPhone. After further investigation, it came to mum's attention that her phone had been placed on aeroplane mode - yes, TT had struck again! He also likes to randomly call people and send blank text messages to unsuspecting family and friends. Some friends which we haven't heard from in years. Imagine our embarrassment in having to explain 'we are so glad you are well but, no we didn't call. It was the TT. He sends his regards'.
In short, we haven't had Internet access for over three days. We have had many a deep conversation with a multitude of 'techno tosser's at Telstra, who all concluded that we needed a technician to come to our home because alas, there was something wrong with our netgear - what is netgear?
If only TT could have explained :)
Telstra confirmed that our appointment would be today, sometime between 10 and 2. Excellent I said. Right in the middle of the day, when TT needs to run laps of our local playground.
Never mind, we stayed at home doing laundry, blowing bubbles, playing chasey and waiting for the Telstra technician to arrive.
 Of course the technician arrived at 2. His appointment lasted all of about 3 minutes when he confirmed that although our modem was lit up like a Christmas tree, it wasn't actually communicating with the Telstra network cause it had been turned 'off'. I had flashbacks of finding TT lurking by the computer on Wednesday morning, banging the keyboard and playing with the mouse. Apparently he pressed a few buttons too - good grief. The embarrassment I tell you!
The technician couldn't have cared less. He also confirmed that our network keeps cutting out (something we have also complained about to Telstra) and that this needed further investigation by the 'Media Services' team. Seriously, where do they get these names?  Apparently they too will pay us a visit at some point. Lucky me.
You have to laugh - it is kind of funny. The technician made me feel like a complete idiot though. I felt like I needed to show him my CV to prove I wasn't a complete loser, just a mother of a technological genius ;)
So, how have you spent your day today? Has anyone out there wasted their time today too?danielle kroll

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