Tuesday, October 29, 2013


One of my consistent decorating themes, no matter where I have lived, is my love of colour and pattern. I am not talking about outlandish wall colours (yuck), but bright coloured cushions, canvases and prints. A colourful bunch of flowers can regularly be seen in our house too - bringing a smile to me, even on the most dreary of days.
Marimekko fabrics have long been a favourite of mine. The great use of colour and pattern in Marimekko homewares could brighten up any space, but they are not for the faint hearted.
I would love a big Marimekko canvas in our living room - maybe I will be brave and buy some fabric and make one myself? In the meantime, I will lust after Marimekko fabrics and try and pick my favourite. The Marimekko dress below is kind of adorable too - don't you agree? A Marimekko store opened in Sydney last year. Maybe they will come to Brisbane too? Eventually everyone does :)
Here is the stores feature post from The Design Files archives.




marimekko "unikko" in a particularly luscious palette

Do you have a decorating theme that has been carried across the different places you have lived? Colour? Pattern? Or may be you prefer the classical look with heavy fabrics?
Don't be shy people.... share your favourite decorating themes....

Friday, October 25, 2013

It's a Flapjack.....

My new favourite food blog is written by the ever talented photographer, Kate Berry.
The food/home baking blog that she writes accompanies her photography website and is called 'hello lunch lady'...
The photos are just beautiful and her recipes are simple and delicious.
I have now whipped up a few of Kate's recipes, but our favourite to date is the infamous 'flapjack'.
 I won't provide the recipe here cause I want you to check out her blog. So, here is the flapjack recipe and link
My mum popped over this afternoon and in no more than 15 minutes, I whipped up my own batch of flapjacks. They don't look as good as or as scrumptious (and in fact now that I look at my photo, the plate isn't even centred??) as Kate's, but they are the bomb - and healthy (enough) too.
In the batches that I have been making, I have been substituting golden syrup for rice malt syrup which tastes just as good, but not quite as sweet. I have been smothering our batches with Sunflower seeds, Chia seeds and Pepita's. Check out Kate's blog either way. You will not regret it.

Happy Friday lovely readers - this week has flown!
Have a lovely, relaxing weekend

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jasmine or Jacaranda?

Queensland at this time of year is truly something special. The tree lined streets, lit up with the brightest of purple Jacaranda trees, is truly a sight to be seen. But for me, it is all about the Jasmine.
Whether it is Jasmine hedges or Star Jasmine grown over little gate houses, I cannot get enough of it!
I am not sure whether it is because I have a big nose (I do!), but the smell of Jasmine as we go for our daily walk absolutely overwhelms my senses. I stood outside a Jasmine covered little gatehouse, similar to the one below the other day and couldn't help but take the deepest of breaths - closing my eyes I remembered the Jasmine hedge that grew outside my bedroom window when I was growing up. Waking up to that smell was heaven. I must have looked like a mad woman standing outside the front of this house, but when you live somewhere as beautiful as Brisbane in Spring, these things simply cannot be helped.

It is the end of the weekend friends. Hope your weekend has been as enjoyable as ours

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Favourite blogs...

Being the obsessive blogger that I am, I have decided that each week as able ( I have learnt now not to make promises that I cannot keep!), I am going to do a post on one of my favourite blogs. There are so many, it is quite ridiculous!
I have long been a fan of the blog Design Mom written by Gabrielle Blair.
Gabrielle, among other wonderful features on her blog, has 'home tours' that talk about 'living with kids'. As she says, her blog is about 'where design and motherhood intersect' - love it!
Earlier this month she featured the home of Courtney Adamo from Babyccino kids.
I am seriously in love with this home. Here are a few of the photos featured from the post.
If you want to see more lovely photos from this home, read more here.
The concept is simple really. A grey and white colour palette, with splashes of green from the beautiful garden and indoor plants, make for quite the visual feast. I have always been a big fan of grey and yellow together, but grey and green should also be seen!

Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

My house, featured on Design Mom

Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

Living With Kids: Courtney Adamo

Click on the actual photos for Pinterest links or the direct link above to Design Mom.
How are you doing? Are you feeling weak at the knees?
Me too.....

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday - snapshots of home.

This week has been a challenge. I have found myself many a time exasperated by the behaviour of a certain two year old, and with 5 am wake up calls to boot (this is not something we are accustomed to), the days have been long. Thankfully amongst the chaos, we have still laughed :) 
Determined to put up a post to end this week, I have flown around the house this morning and taken a few rushed, imperfect snaps. No kitchen or bedroom shots yet. I can't get the lighting right.... but in the meantime...
Here is the beginning of a photo gallery in our hallway. Yes, that is a toy trolley in the bottom right hand corner and the top of my Birkenstocks on the left :) Notice the original light switch!
I seriously love lying on our couch and staring at our pressed metal ceilings and original light fittings.
 I doubt we will ever replace these. They add so much character!
This is one of the quirky light fittings in Dominic's playroom. I love it!
The camellia bushes at our front door. There are plenty of buds on them, so hopefully they will flower again soon.
My kitchen herb garden :) I have started growing pots of veggies too. - they are coming along beautifully. Will post some photos in the upcoming weeks ..

The Jacaranda Tree in our backyard. It is huge and the majority of our backyard is purple! Although it is beautiful, I must admit, it is making a dreadful mess.

And finally at our front door. I re-potted this gardenia a fortnight ago. It was miserable. Look at it now! Seeing this little bud this morning has made my week. I will also take a photo of the gardenia hedge at the front of our house if/when it flowers too.
Enjoy your weekend lovely readers. I am off to a conference in Toowoomba with work colleagues tomorrow. Ironically it is on mindfulness which after this week, feels awfully appropriate! x

Monday, October 7, 2013

Simple Lemon Slice

Don't you love it when you whip up a dessert and have family and friends asking for more?
It is seriously one of the best feelings!
I subscribe to Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion Club and was inspired to make her Simple Lemon Slice which featured in her newsletter earlier this week. We had family over for lunch yesterday and I decided that this would be the perfect dessert. And quite frankly, it did not disappoint.
I will be honest. I consider myself to be a purveyor of fine lemony treats (said in my best Kel Day- Knight/ Kath and Kim voice). I LOVE lemons - smell and taste.
This Lemon slice is seriously zesty.
It has a delicious biscuit base, with a smooth, gooey, lemony layer on top - divine!
And best of all, it was so simple.
I am kinda thinking you should be making this at your next lunch or dinner party.

Here is the recipe thanks to Stephanie. I love her books and am fast becoming a fan of her recipes and simple attitude to great cooking and baking.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fashion Spring 2013

My time management skills have been nothing short of exemplary this week. Two posts for this little blog and it is only Thursday!

Have I told you how much my wardrobe needs a 'revamp' at the moment? I am not sure whether it is the weather or my mood that has caused such a revelation, but I am determined to come out of Summer/Spring 2013 looking fresh, yet casual (that's fashion speak people) and markedly less 'mummsy'.

At the moment I am loving a good knee length skirt - primarily to hide the varicose veins and on occasion, hairy legs. In Brisbane particularly in Summer, wearing pants is rarely an option, unless at night time. So lovely bright flowing skirts, simple singlet tops and saltwater sandals are my chosen fashion items for this Spring/Summer.
Only recently have I become aware of the Australian fashion label, Gorman. I know. How sad. But never fear. I am aware now and I am ready to have a small (ish) spend up. If only my bank account felt the same way! :)
Here are some Gorman clothing garments on my wish list for Spring/Summer 2013.
Bright and colourful baby. It is the only way to go.

Gorman Online - Pineapple Picnic Skirt

Gorman Online - moonshine skirt
Gorman Online - Third Eye Skirt
Gorman Online - Marching Spots Skirt

Gorman Online - Paisley Fields Shirt
 All photos copied from the Gorman website.

What are some fashion labels that have caught your eye this season?