Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fashion Spring 2013

My time management skills have been nothing short of exemplary this week. Two posts for this little blog and it is only Thursday!

Have I told you how much my wardrobe needs a 'revamp' at the moment? I am not sure whether it is the weather or my mood that has caused such a revelation, but I am determined to come out of Summer/Spring 2013 looking fresh, yet casual (that's fashion speak people) and markedly less 'mummsy'.

At the moment I am loving a good knee length skirt - primarily to hide the varicose veins and on occasion, hairy legs. In Brisbane particularly in Summer, wearing pants is rarely an option, unless at night time. So lovely bright flowing skirts, simple singlet tops and saltwater sandals are my chosen fashion items for this Spring/Summer.
Only recently have I become aware of the Australian fashion label, Gorman. I know. How sad. But never fear. I am aware now and I am ready to have a small (ish) spend up. If only my bank account felt the same way! :)
Here are some Gorman clothing garments on my wish list for Spring/Summer 2013.
Bright and colourful baby. It is the only way to go.

Gorman Online - Pineapple Picnic Skirt

Gorman Online - moonshine skirt
Gorman Online - Third Eye Skirt
Gorman Online - Marching Spots Skirt

Gorman Online - Paisley Fields Shirt
 All photos copied from the Gorman website.

What are some fashion labels that have caught your eye this season?

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