Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday - snapshots of home.

This week has been a challenge. I have found myself many a time exasperated by the behaviour of a certain two year old, and with 5 am wake up calls to boot (this is not something we are accustomed to), the days have been long. Thankfully amongst the chaos, we have still laughed :) 
Determined to put up a post to end this week, I have flown around the house this morning and taken a few rushed, imperfect snaps. No kitchen or bedroom shots yet. I can't get the lighting right.... but in the meantime...
Here is the beginning of a photo gallery in our hallway. Yes, that is a toy trolley in the bottom right hand corner and the top of my Birkenstocks on the left :) Notice the original light switch!
I seriously love lying on our couch and staring at our pressed metal ceilings and original light fittings.
 I doubt we will ever replace these. They add so much character!
This is one of the quirky light fittings in Dominic's playroom. I love it!
The camellia bushes at our front door. There are plenty of buds on them, so hopefully they will flower again soon.
My kitchen herb garden :) I have started growing pots of veggies too. - they are coming along beautifully. Will post some photos in the upcoming weeks ..

The Jacaranda Tree in our backyard. It is huge and the majority of our backyard is purple! Although it is beautiful, I must admit, it is making a dreadful mess.

And finally at our front door. I re-potted this gardenia a fortnight ago. It was miserable. Look at it now! Seeing this little bud this morning has made my week. I will also take a photo of the gardenia hedge at the front of our house if/when it flowers too.
Enjoy your weekend lovely readers. I am off to a conference in Toowoomba with work colleagues tomorrow. Ironically it is on mindfulness which after this week, feels awfully appropriate! x

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  1. I hope you see this, Kate--I read your newest post but scrolled down to comment on this one. Your home is lovely. :) The light fixtures, the woodwork, your flowers, the front doors, all of it.

    I wish your family good sleep and good health.