Tuesday, October 29, 2013


One of my consistent decorating themes, no matter where I have lived, is my love of colour and pattern. I am not talking about outlandish wall colours (yuck), but bright coloured cushions, canvases and prints. A colourful bunch of flowers can regularly be seen in our house too - bringing a smile to me, even on the most dreary of days.
Marimekko fabrics have long been a favourite of mine. The great use of colour and pattern in Marimekko homewares could brighten up any space, but they are not for the faint hearted.
I would love a big Marimekko canvas in our living room - maybe I will be brave and buy some fabric and make one myself? In the meantime, I will lust after Marimekko fabrics and try and pick my favourite. The Marimekko dress below is kind of adorable too - don't you agree? A Marimekko store opened in Sydney last year. Maybe they will come to Brisbane too? Eventually everyone does :)
Here is the stores feature post from The Design Files archives.




marimekko "unikko" in a particularly luscious palette

Do you have a decorating theme that has been carried across the different places you have lived? Colour? Pattern? Or may be you prefer the classical look with heavy fabrics?
Don't be shy people.... share your favourite decorating themes....

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