Monday, October 7, 2013

Simple Lemon Slice

Don't you love it when you whip up a dessert and have family and friends asking for more?
It is seriously one of the best feelings!
I subscribe to Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion Club and was inspired to make her Simple Lemon Slice which featured in her newsletter earlier this week. We had family over for lunch yesterday and I decided that this would be the perfect dessert. And quite frankly, it did not disappoint.
I will be honest. I consider myself to be a purveyor of fine lemony treats (said in my best Kel Day- Knight/ Kath and Kim voice). I LOVE lemons - smell and taste.
This Lemon slice is seriously zesty.
It has a delicious biscuit base, with a smooth, gooey, lemony layer on top - divine!
And best of all, it was so simple.
I am kinda thinking you should be making this at your next lunch or dinner party.

Here is the recipe thanks to Stephanie. I love her books and am fast becoming a fan of her recipes and simple attitude to great cooking and baking.

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  1. Hi Kate, ohh I love lemony desserts also and this one looks delicious with a capital D.
    I must sign up to Stephanie's Cook's Companion Club, she's amazing one of the true greats of cooking. xx