Friday, November 29, 2013

Ode to my Chesterfield

I don't care if I would stick to it in the awful Queensland humidity. A couch like my friend the Chesterfield, is calling out to be sprawled on. Imagine lying back with a coffee and your favourite magazines. I would have the new Kinfolk, Fete and Country Style magazines close by. 
My favourite CD would be playing quietly in the background and the faint smell of home baking would be wafting from the kitchen. Of course my Chesterfield would be strategically placed under one of our double hung windows, with the shutters slightly open, allowing for just the right amount of sunlight and cool breeze. Imagine ....
Mapping it

Fabulous grouping.

chesterfield sofa + cowhide rug

chesterfield # interior # loft

anthropologie Atelier Chesterfield Sofa, Yellow

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Hope you all have a fun weekend! I am off to our work Christmas 'do' tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it. Nothing like a catch up with your favourite work friends .... x

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  1. I love Chesterfields. One day, when the children are older, we will get us one. Mmmm. Alison xx