Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Foot photos

I will let you in on a secret.
I am pretty easily amused in fact, very easily amused. Particularly after a night shift. For some reason lots of random things are really funny after a night shift. Obviously this may not always be the case, one can also be quite fragile after a night shift but today, everything is very amusing.

Dominic I am ashamed to say, remains very iPhone savvy. Do you remember my 'Techno Turkey' post?
He can have your phone speaking Japanese, can lock you out of your phone indefinitely and even hang up on your boss (repeatedly) when she calls you to do an extra shift (that was an awkward moment)!

Nothing however, has been so bizarre as Dom's random 'foot shots' that keep appearing on my phone. Every couple of days these delicious little feet keep popping up in unexpected photos.
Needless to say, these photos have given us a good laugh. I found a few more random shots this morning and felt that I had to share... :)

Exhibit (a) - Little trotters casually kicking back on toddler day bed. Is that Chris' foot in the background?
I do believe it is ..... delightful.
Exhibit (b) - Yes, on the toilet. Don't judge me for giving him the iPhone to get him to sit still on the loo! 
Of course, this will be a problem when he drops the iPhone in the toilet, which will undoubtedly happen. Maybe I will stop doing that....  
Exhibit (c) - Little feet casually resting on the back of the passenger seat in the car.

Have you ever had funny photos taken by children pop up on your phone, or is this strictly a Dominic phenomena? He is pretty out there....
Where would I be without my funny little boy :)

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