Friday, March 14, 2014

A nasty case of blogger envy...

Every now and then in the land called 'Blog', you come across a blogger that is so completely amazing that you are left feeling well, a little mediocre. Possibly even worse :)
This is especially so if the blogger is french, hot and lives in a gorgeous part of the french country side with her beautiful children, husband and dogs. I don't mean to sound dramatic, but once you become acquainted with the blogger Mimi Thorisson and her blog Manger, you too will feel my pain. This blog without sounding dramatic, is divine - in every sense of the word.

My friend Catherine from Farmhouse Home got me onto this blog (thanks Catherine - I am in love with your new blog design too by the way!) and quite simply I have been left agasp. The outfits worn by Mimi as she casually cooks in her kitchen are divine. There is even some shots on her blog of Mimi meandering threw a field with her beautiful daughter at her feet picking berries. But wait, she is wearing a three quarter length shoe string strap dress and gumboots! Her recipes are delicious and 'homely' and the photography included throughout the blog is equally amazing. Her husband Oddur Thorrison is a photographer. Need I say anymore.
I am beginning to sound neurotic or at best, a little loopy.
Just check out her blog and you will see exactly what I mean.

Here is the most beautiful video of her cooking too - found on Youtube.
A word of warning, if you a feeling hormonal or having one of those 'ugly days,' I suggest you watch this another time or with a glass of red and chocolate. You may be left feeling just a little depressed.  Do you know what is even more suckful, (yes, in the land of A Little Home with Freesia's this is a word) chances are in real life, Mimi is not only gorgeous and obviously talented, but nice too! ;)
I will say no more. Look at the blog, weep at the video and let me know whether you have been left feeling just a tad mediocre.

On that note dear friends, Happy Friday!


  1. Ha ha oh I hear you! I discovered Manger a while back and each time I get the posts in my inbox my husband and I are both gaga! It's all staged yet authentic, she's playing with it and so she should! The photos are utterly incredible. Mel xx

    1. They are obviously a very talented couple Mel. I hear she is releasing a book too! I will look forward to purchasing it. Thanks for leaving a comment and following my blog on bloglovin - I really appreciate it x

  2. Oh I so loved your observations about this impossible site. It is so staged it is woeful that anybody should have life envy, but it is so beautifully styled to create that very emotion so what can one do? (I now avoid the site entirely - it made me feel far too inadequate!!)