Thursday, March 13, 2014

March can it be?

Well, we are officially into March. I remain quite confused as to where the last three months have gone.

We have settled into childcare and I am finally beginning to find my feet managing work, childcare, family, housework etc. I am crap with change, but eventually pull through - never without a drama or funny story to tell.

I have spent the morning trying to catch up on my favourite blogs and housework, while playing and providing entertainment. I believe Oprah calls it multi-tasking. I call it living in chaos :)
I have also been taking the odd photo. There are so many beautiful photos on my favourite blogs at the moment. People are so talented - it's ridiculous!

I was at a loss to what to write about today. I thought I could tell you about how I lost my iPhone at New Farm Park last Thursday. You heard it. My iPhone. 1000 photos and all, to then have it found by a total stranger. He went to great lengths to contact me, finally returning my phone on Friday. My photos have since been downloaded safely onto our computer and I remain very grateful for the honesty and kindness that is still very much alive in my community. I figured that the phone would be gone forever!

I then thought I could do a post on the trials and tribulations of toilet training the modern day three year old - but figured that would be boring and potentially over sharing :)  

Instead, I have opted to post some photos that I have taken of the house this morning. These photos are not necessarily of my favourite spaces, but where we seem to spend a great deal of our time.....

This photo represents how I would like you to think that we live - 'Home sweet, home'.
If you look carefully you can see yoghurt stains from little toddler paws on my favourite        
Aunty Cookie cushion. 

This photo represents the chaos behind the shot. I have had to dig my old quilt out of storage to cover the Vegemite stains all over the couch. The whole couch can't be shown cause of the washing I need to fold which is in the right hand corner. Not to mention the toilet training .... little puddles popping up everywhere. Even on the couch.... not the greatest of days.
I don't need to say anymore do I? :)

Hope you are all having a good week. Thank you so much to the new people that have started following my blog recently. I am also really excited to announce that I have been nominated for the Kidspot 'Voices of 2014' Top blogger award. Big hugs to friends and readers that took time out to vote for me.

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