Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy weeks and baking...

My little friend attends childcare on Monday and Friday.
If I am not recovering from night shift, I usually spend the day rushing around tidying, washing, vacuuming and trying to do a little baking. Like all mums, there is no 'down time,' but I always feel like I have had a productive day. I must confess today, I did however put my feet up momentarily to watch Wonderland - regrettable I know. :)

So, our week ahead is going to be full. I am working three shifts and we have 2 important appointments scheduled for Dominic. Both appointments are related to the outcome of his assessment for ASD and early intervention that needs to be commenced. I am feeling a mixture of emotions, but mostly positive and just eager to find out what the experts think we need to do. Lots of work ahead and decisions to be made.

In the spirit of positive thinking, I decided that I should make us a big fat chocolate cake. Although I still predominantly cook healthier foods, one should always make exceptions for treats don't you think? 
I got this recipe from BabyMac. If you haven't checked Beth's blog out, you really should.
The cake is called "Anne" (check her blog out for the reasons why), and according to Beth, is the 'perfect' chocolate cake.

Here is a photo of my version of 'Anne'. It was delicious - the perfect accompaniment to my pre-night shift coffee and will undoubtedly put spring into my step for what should be a very productive week.
Happy Tuesday lovely readers!

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  1. Lovely to see you back, Kate. Chocolate cake makes everything okay. Wait til you see the indulgent one I'm going to post over the weekend. Phenom. Happy weekend xx

  2. Oh Kate, wishing you all the best with Dominic's appointments this week. Your chocolate cake looks sooo good (I've been craving chocolate this week) and I absolutely agree sometimes exceptions should be made for treats. x

  3. Found your blog via Mondocherry's side bar....so sorry to hear about your son's health issues and as a parent it is not the news anyone would like to hear. Looks like you have a great team of professionals around you which will be great. I just thought I would mention that food can also play a big part in assisting the road to recovery or maintenance when it comes to Autism. I am no health professional but Dr Libby Weaver (you can check out her blog) studied food and children and Autism. Also the main singer from Amici Forever - his daughter was diagnosed with ASD and he gave up the band and he and his wife got rid of all chemicals in their home and food and their daughter is now normal. I'm not saying this method will work for every child however I'm a big believer in the food we eat these days is laden with chemicals even when we are picking the healthy options. It's worth a read to see if you can find an article from him about what he did. That sort of thing won't hurt the rest of the family either. I think using health professionals as well as other things like diet can certainly assist. Thought it might be worth a mention. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane