Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Year ..

We are but a few weeks into 2015 and I am already in a 'tizz' - how is it that Christmas and New Year have come and gone?
We had our first calm and happy Christmas with Dom. 
We carefully orchestrated the day so as to not overwhelm him like we have done years prior. There was controlled enthusiasm on receiving gifts, not the squealing and shrieks of excitement from yours truly, but gentle smiles and encouragement. I have to say, it worked a treat. We had an 'emergency vehicle' themed Christmas, where Dom received two ambulances that both flash blue lights furiously and make the most horrible noise, much to our distress but Dominic's enjoyment. 
We played happily with beautiful cousins, and enjoyed yummy food. It was perfect.
Last Christmas I cried out of despair that my little boy was so unhappy and distressed. He screamed hysterically as his cousins played happily in their pool - 'I don't know what's wrong with him?'... 
I think I must have repeated that over and over again that day. 
This year with the diagnosis of Autism, although our hearts were broken, we now understand Dominic so much more, and he is clearly thriving as a result. My little family has come out of 2014 stronger, wiser and more resilient than ever. We have a long road ahead of us, but we have come out of 2014 feeling happy, loved, determined and so supported.

We have spent the past couple of weekends chilling out. Incorporating early intervention here and there, watching trains (of course), listening to music, talking about numbers and our favourite episodes of 'Thomas the tank engine' - enjoying each others company.

I have a few New Years goals - not resolutions so much, but goals.
Since Dom's diagnosis, I feel as though our little family has stopped taking risks. We keep Dom strapped in his pram in public, in fear of him having a meltdown or running off to the nearest ATM to press numbers furiously. Any peep that he has made at the shops we have felt stressed out about, despite the fact that other children of the same age are all screaming and demanding at the shops too. Yet somehow, we feel as though everyone is looking at us! Silly, I know. So, I declare 2015 about taking risks and being brave. 
We are going to go on short holidays. We are going to the park and to have more play dates - with what time I am not sure, but the intention is absolutely there. And we are going to walk! We are out of the pram people with our heads held high ;) As you can imagine my list is a mile long, but you get my drift.

On the weekend for the first time ever, Dominic and I walked to my parents house. They live 10 minutes away, 25 minutes if you stop to look at the ducks on the brook and talk to the dogs at the dog park.
Dom was running ahead of me and kept turning around and smiling - a truly contented and beautiful little smile. At one point he was strolling next to me and he looked up and said, 'Dominic happy, Mum'.
I could have cried... ok, I did get teary. 

This year with my lovely little blog, I am not committing to any writing schedule. If I can get a post up every week, I am doing well. In the meantime, I am 'all over' instagram like a crazy woman, so you can always find us there. 

Hope you are all well, lovely friends.


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