Monday, July 13, 2015

The one about 'how time flies'...

How do I update you on the last few months?....

We have been sick - more sick than we have been in years!
We have been busy. 
We have been happy. 
We have been stressed. 
I have caught up with beautiful old friends.
We have had some fantastically fun and successful play dates - wahooo!
I have baked.
I have read books.
We had our five year wedding anniversary and went out for dinner. Something we haven't done since our 4 year anniversary :)
Dom has had tremors for which we had an EEG - never a dull moment on the spectrum!
I have been taking lots of photos for instagram - I am on it a lot, if you want to follow me.
I made my first Acai bowl - thanks to my buddy Piera.
I have perfected porridge.
I have developed an addiction to chia pudding.
I also purchased some beautiful bedlinen from Oh Mabel - so gorgeous. 
I have reevaluated and thought long and hard about ways I can incorporate 'me time' and creativity back into my life. Thanks to Pip, I think am onto something...
And yoga. I am going to start yoga.
I taught myself to crochet - quite the achievement. This is something I have been wanting to do for ages.
I have cleaned frantically.
Long story, but my goodness I am efficient when I am high on steroids!
We have decluttered - majorly. A thoroughly enjoyable process.
In short, if we don't love it or use it, it has been donated. Sarah, you would be proud!
We nearly sold our house.
Property developers have hit town, but we missed out on a great opportunity because we have greedy, stupid,* insert any really offensive swear word here* neighbours. 
In short, we are surrounded by clowns.... I have always freakin hated clowns.

So, we have now resigned ourselves to the fact that we are staying in our little shanty, at least for the next few years, albeit surrounded by apartments. It's going to be tough, but no doubt like everything else, we will get through it. We love our little 'perfectly imperfect home,' but remain disillusioned at how quickly Brisbane City Council are willing to consider knocking down beautiful old Queenslanders, all for the sake of progress. The beautiful houses that make our city as special as it is.

So, to distract myself and eager to embark on a minor decorating project, my imagination has been running wild with ideas to introduce indoor plants to our home. We live in the perfect house for indoor plants and over the next few months, I am determined to build up collection, creating a really special space for us to enjoy. 
Of course I have turned to my friends at Pinterest for inspiration :)

home inspiration

Dreamy apartment in Brussels!

LOVE - Flowering Spring bulbs Via A Pair & a Spair! Such a cute use of the diptyque candles.

indoor plants

Image Via: Amber Interiors featuring the Tigris Hanging Garden Pots #Anthropologie

I am loving the idea of growing bulbs in old jars... how lovely is that!
How have you been? What's news with you?

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